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Photo of the Remarkables mountain range in Queenstown, New Zealand.


The success story of the just concluded 2019 City People Movie Awardswill not be complete without the mention of MD/CEO of Jonliz LLC, Prince Olaniyi Karonwi, who stormed the event with his family and some key personnel from the reputable business outfits. Prince was one of the early callers. He was ushered in, long with his elegant looking wife, Oluwaseun Karonwi, with a host of escort.
He was accompanied by Talabi Michael, Jonliz Media Manager, Kayode Mayungbe, HOD Logistics and  Bamidele Olusola, HOD Marketing.

Mrs Oluwaseun Karonwi, did not come as a guest, but also played a huge role at the event to ensure that all went well. She also presented a huge cake with huge City People Magazine Inscription from the stable of her company De Winlas School of Vocational Training and De Winlas Eatery.

Speaking at the unveiling session of City People TV, Prince Olaniyi Karonwi commended City People Group for their impartial, neutral and balanced journalism for the past 23 years, standing as the longest standing soft sell in Nigeria, and pledge to continue to support the brand in every capacity.

Prince Olaniyi Karonwi is one of the major sponsors of the just concluded City People Movie Awards. The magnate runs a number of business investment within and outside the country, and his tentacle is fast expanding across all shores.

He runs Nigeria’s first indigenous online market, Jonlizmarket.com,where you can buy home appliances, electronics, beauty and cosmetics, clothes of different brand, music instruments, Computer accessories mobile phones, and many more.
The business guru is also the brain behind, Jonliz Films & Records, a platform that covers music and movie production, promotion and marketing, and also manage talented artists.

He is also the brain behind Grossbuy Limited, Nigeria’s leading real estate company for luxury homes. Prince Karonwi took the bull by the horn by focusing on special areas of housing so as to make score of prospects, house owners through various schemes by providing the most engaging and relevant information on rates, refits, and other housing-related issues.

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