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Chef Ehis Reveals Why He Decided to Become A Chef

He is one of the very best in the food industry. He has built a formidable reputation for himself as a damn good Chef. Everyone calls him Chef Ehis. He is one of the those taking part in Regina Askia Williams cooking competition called Soupastars. 

In this interview with City people Online Fashion and beauty Magazine reveals a lot about the competition and how he became a Chef. Below are excerpts of the interview.

Tell us about your involvement in Soupastars What's your role?

It all about showing off Nigeria abundant cooking ingredients that guarantee amazing flavors built over time. soup-a-star celebrity cooking competition serves as a stage to perform and showcase the bountiful gifts of Africa.

How did you become a Chef?
It’s a long story. First, my mother taught me basic technique of frying, boiling & catering service @ the age of 11. At the professional stage   Jamie Oliver now my mentor 16 years has been a source of inspiration, a major trigger to the world of gastronomy. culinary training at ICCA DUBAI, and Masterclasses at SCAFA Dubai.

Tell us about your culinary school....

ECCA Lagos is a premier culinary center design to impact advance culinary skills to individual, group, kitchen crew, foodies, private and restaurant chefs with aim to grow local gastronomy.

Why did you accept to be part of Regina Askia's Soupastars cooking competition?

First, I am a fan of Regina back days when she was fully involved in acting.she is a soup-a -star.

Secondly, to promote her idealogy about healthy local food and gastronomy at large

Thirdly, it’s an opportunity to advance our world of culinary expertise.

Also, to work with her on bigger culinary, hospitality projects. she is a visionary.

Tell us about your growing up years. Where were you born and where did school?

Tough, rough, interesting, successful, challenging. I grew up in Iponri (Surulere). In those days, we use to have this roadside food stall at Alaka bus stop, my first culinary learning center

Growing up as an orphan and rising through the rank was a tough experience. I went to St. Peter Catholic Primary School. I moved from there to Jubril Martins Memorial Grammar School. I later went to Double Portion Catering School, then to Wavecrest hospitality. I also hold a Bsc in Business Administration.

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