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Oyewonuola Aina is a beautiful lady who looks stunning all the time she steps out to parties.

She is one of Ibadan’s leading fashion designers that design for celebrities. 

She is good at what she does. And many have come to respect her talent and creativity.

She is a stylish lady whose presence at parties usually lightens up the mood and tempo of the event. Once Wonu walks in, her presence instantly commands attention because of her gorgeous and Glamourous look.

A few days ago she told City people Publisher, SEYE KEHINDE  the secret of her good looks and how she got into the fashion business.


Tell us what you do

My name is Oyewonuola Aina and I am the Executive Creative Design Director La Maison du Zuri (House of Zuri) A fashion home that tends to all your imaginable fashion needs...We have a wide range of brands ... Zuriloran: Originally pronounced as Zuri lo ran, is our prèt-a-porter where you can get our range of "Ready to wear "

KouturebyZuri: Instead of the the prim and proper way "Couture" I decided on "Kouture" for one I am a Yoruba girl I can not come and kill myself over trying to call the name of my brand *laughs* This is our made to measure line for special occasions/events for High-end customers.. the Asoebi, etc.

KingdavidbyZuri: This is the Men's clothing line originally inspired by My Son "The King David"

KidsofZuri: This line is actually one that I hold very close to heart because I love Children a lot and take absolute delight in seeing them well and properly dressed.
Then there are the  Zurihomes which deals with Afrocentric Interior designs...from curtains, furniture, throw pillows, bedsheets, Vases etc all created with class and Uniqueness.

Finally (For now) There are the ZuriDamsels: This is our hosting agency where we host (usher) For events and Occasions, I also use this medium to advertise my creativity through the girl's Uniforms

You have been into fashion for how long?

I would like to believe I have been into fashion since I was a child, My Mother is a very fashionable person and so also is my Father you can only imagine them combined, I grew up in a Home and Family both Internal and external where everything just has to be on point...I can almost not say for certain when and how long I have been in fashion because it's been very long.

How did you start fashion? How did you get into it?

I have actually started getting conscious of my looks since far back as in primary school, I would usually go with my Mother to our Seamstress at the time Aunty Sarah Ajayi albeit a white woman, she was married

Married to a Yoruba man hence her settling in Nigeria...one of the extraordinary things about her that caught my attention was her exceptional taste to detail, she helped build my creative mind by allowing me to choose my style and how I wanted my dress or garment to turn out another was her love for buttons and oh my God did she have a lot.

She could accessories a whole Dress with buttons and it would look absolutely Gorgeous, I must have been like 7year Old at the time and that's how gradually my fascination towards garment making grew.

I initially would have just gone for a course in fashion and design but my Father insisted I got a first degree in something more serious (If only we knew then right?)but of course that didn't deter my passion.

In fact while in University, I would collect  my friends aso-ebi's(well at least some of the ones who trusted me)had we had any party to attend,sketch out styles that I thought suited them each and take it to the tailor once done if I felt it necessary I would accessories with stones or studs where needed before I delivered them...and of cause for me then up until today, it was more a thing of delight to see the finished product and beautiful it all turned out.

You are one of the most stylish celebrity ladies, I know How do you  always get it right each time you step out.

‍Am I? Oh Wow ...Thank you so very much I didn't even realise I have attained the "celebrity ranking "and especially with City people's that is a great compliment.

However, I would humbly say It's just my thing as in inbuilt, though trust I also have my mishaps days...Eeeenh, is it times that it's my Zipper that would refuse to go up or down?

And sometimes it's my heel caps that would have removed but all in all I just think it's the consciousness of knowing I am been watched most especially by people who I inspire or who admire me and my works or just people generally you would be surprised they notice a lot And for that reason alone you no go wan fall ya hand naaAnother thing is I am myself's best model for advertising my brand how best should I sell if don't represent in it well?

You are a plus size yet you carry yourself so well. What is the secret?

I would say CONFIDENCE!And not pride because alot of people tend to confuse the two.When you are confident in yourself it's like a Signal,you automatically exude beauty and class *Diane Von Furstenberg(originally a Belgain fashion designer who married a German Prince) says Confidence! If you have it you can make anything look Good! I guess that's working for me .

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  1. More power to your elbow. This is absolutely stunning

  2. I have always trusted your fashion instinct. Keep it up.

  3. Great fashion sense - i need few minutes in yah room while u excuse me with my takeaway bag :)