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Kikelomo Onipede is a leading fashion designer who designs the best kaftans in Lagos. She is the CEO of Kiksplace Fashion House in Lekki.

The big news is that on Sunday 29th September 2019, this beautiful and humble lady was one of the hard-working and creative women that were honored at the Citypeople Female Entrepreneurs Award which took place at the Lekki Coliseum in Lagos.

Below is her story.

At what stage is Kiksplace now? Do you feel fulfilled at your achievements?

Kiksplace I will say right now is at the starting point, i mean it keeps getting better. I will say our name is out there by God's grace but we are not there yet. So much is still coming Kiksplace. I feel blessed that God has brought us this far and thankful for the achievements so far...would i say I'm fulfilled...oh well I'm still a work in progress.

Why specialize in kaftans?

Simplicity is a reflection of who I am.

I love to look good and my comfort is very important to me. I know millions of women are out there that share the same view. So I would rather cater for simple but classy Kaftans and Boubous.
What has kept you going in business

Consistency and being myself.

I have come to realize that in business consistency is key, one must not lose focus and that has been working for me.

Tell me a bit about yourself and schools attended

My name is Onipede Kikelomo; I am the 1st in my family. I love simplicity and comfort; I graduated from the University of Ado Ekiti.  I love singing and dancing. I hate to strive. I run from it

How did you become an entrepreneur? What year?

I have always known I will do my own thing. I have been an entrepreneur from my university days. Started Kiksplace officially 4years ago.

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