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Photo of the Remarkables mountain range in Queenstown, New Zealand.


Have you ever wondered how pretty actress Nkechi Blessingkeeps her flawless skin glowing?
She told City People Online Fashion and Beauty Magazine the secrets a few days ago. Let's quickly tell you that Nkechi is a pretty actress blessed with a traffic stopping figure. She is richly endowed. And has a flawless skin that glows. That is why Poshglow Skincare Company picked her as brandambassador.

She also dresses well. She is stylish. She knows what suits her. She knows what looks good on her body. We asked her to take us into her beauty and fashion world. What is the secret of her good looks we asked her. "It is God. That is the absolute truth. God made me the way I am. I didn't make myself. God made me so it's God.
Asides from eating good food and plenty water minding my business, I also use the best skincare product in Nigeria @poshglowskincare
How about her style secrets? I always like keeping it simple and classy. My mood defines what I wear, some days I might just want to keep it extremely simple. And some other days serious and yet still simple.  My everyday kinda outfit is FreeBubuand am off.

How does she take criticisms coming from her critics? How does she deal with Haters? I give them back even harder than they can ever imagine, the fact that I show on their screens does not make me less of a human. That is NkechiBlessingfor you. She can be blunt if she needs to be.

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