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Photo of the Remarkables mountain range in Queenstown, New Zealand.


 Monalisa Chinda is a beautiful and stylish movie star. She is one of Nigeria's best. She is a damn good actress. She trained for it. Year in year out she has not relented. A few days ago she told City People how she has stepped up her game and the new things she has been up too of late.

What has she been up to this year, we asked. "A lot. I have been doing a lot of things relating to the movie industry," she revealed. Still acting plus my talkshow on one hand. I just finished filming my movie. A serious drama (romantic thriller) that borders on mental healthShot in Port Harcourt my home town. So yes I am still in the business of showbiz but the narrative has changed. I do faith based movies with a tinge of Romance and thriller.
How does she feel about how big her brand has grown? She feels happy and excited. If you know the Monalisa brand you’d understand that it’s a brand I have painstaking built over the years in an industry where people come and go but I have remained strong in my craft plus diversifying into other areas of interests!
I don’t understand what you mean by ‘are you caterer wise
Her latest project now is working with Regina Askia on her cooking competition.
It is the Soupastars project.
What is it about?
The reason why I am participating is because it’s about our cultureour foods, our spices, and we Nigerians love to eat our home grown foods/ delicacies. And this one is quite different as we  notable personalities are coming together; away from our comfort zones to cook for the public as opposed to cooking from the comforts of our homes.
Well basically we are meant to just do a brief video post on the type of soups we should cook, it’s ingredients and timings. It launches her into the social media space and other media as a promo thus creating awareness for what is coming up in December.

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