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Photo of the Remarkables mountain range in Queenstown, New Zealand.

Tips on how to look taller and slimmer for a petite size By Zinnat Williams

* A fitted body top or a chiffon shirt that ain’t to loosened with a pair of high waisted jeans helps to significantly lengthen the legs.

* A short wavy dress elongates the height of a petite size woman .

* Voluminous dresses is a big “No” for a petite size because it press your height down to the ground.

* Vertical lines dresses without a belt , light colored shoes with a small ankle belt and the strap of the shoe should match with your skin tone.

* Avoid using wide belly belt when you want to cinch your waist because a wide belly belt divides your upper and lower extremities and makes you more short.

* Stay away from bulky footwear’s especially bulky heels , it makes your calves look big .

* Style your loosed tips with a fitted bottom and don’t forget to tuck it in to highlight the waist.

* Always try to wear bodycon dresses, this piece makes your silhouette look put together and in a straight form.

* Make sure your trouser pants are long enough to make you look tall and slim and make sure it’s your perfect waist size .

* V-necks create a long line that points downwards like an arrow giving you the illusion of having a much longer torso.

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