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Regina Askiais a big name in Nollywood. Though she is no longer actively involved in acting many still recall how good she was in those good old days when she was a Star actress in Nollywood.
For those who still can't remember Regina let's quickly tell you that she is a veteran actress who relocated to the US several years back. Since then a lot has changed about her. She is now a wife and mother. She is now also a registered nurse and a nutrition expert.

The big news is that Regina is coming to Nigeria in a few weeks’ time to hold her cooking competition called Soupastars.
The competition will feature a lot of movie stars as cooks.
Big names like Monalisa Chinda, lni Edo, lbinabo Fiberesima, Segun Arinze and many more are taking part in the competition.
Regina herself is flying in soon for the competition which promises to be big.
A few days ago she told City People Publisher Seye Kehindewhat to expect at the event which is parading many Chefs.

Below are excerpts of the interview.
Why did you set up Soupastars cooking competition?
After having to manage so many patients who suffered awful consequences of malnutrition. Malnutrition which includes poor food choices and over eating.
If we understood that the food as a matter of fact whatever we put into our bodies affects everything about us - physically and mentally, we would be more careful. Diabetes, high blood pressure, iron deficiency anemia, poor bone growth, your thyroid...... everything. Your immune system is affected by what you eat. How does alcohol affect your psyche? Our vegan chef even talked about the spiritual impacts of violently slaughtered animals on our emotional and mental health. Your food even changes the structure of the walls of your stomach. Good nutrition is critical, healthy food choices means a healthier you. This is why I was moved to go from talking about it to teaching about it. And so Soup-A-Stars was born

What year was this?
I have been a nurse since 2010. It’s been almost 10 years of patient care. Starting from new grad to staff nurse to Snr Staff Nurse to Family Nurse Practitioner and almost Doctor of Nursing, I have seen it all. Side by side with primary care I work in Interventional Radiology where we get to fix the consequences of poor health choices. It was in 2017 when I began to really quiz Doctors about health and nutrition in telephone or video interviews and each and every one of them reaffirmed that you are what you eat

Tell us about the first edition of the cooking competition
This is actually the first edition of the Cooking competition. My previous work in Nigeria has been on Nurse Education. I met with Nurses and explored their scope of practice, environment of practice, challenges, what they figured could be changed to support them. We - the nurses and I - visited Nigerian Nursing Agency and tabled many of the complaints and challenges the nurses faced. We will do again when I visit, we will spend a day together on the unit

What should we expect at this year's event?
This cooking competition is snowballing to be yet the most exciting get together we have done yet. Our Celebrities supported by their chefs will be cooking up a storm. A 4 course meal with totally indigenous recipes. The nutritional and health values of these dishes will be highlighted. Nigerians will learn that they actually can nurse themselves to good health with certain foods and beverages
We have awesome prizes of industrial kitchen equipment and cookware, cash prizes for winners, consolation prizes for participating, comedians, musicians, vendors with healthy foods and beverages. We all will be getting down in a huge street party as our celebrities serve up sumptuous meals. Bring a bag because we will have a 7ft tall Christmas tree of foods to take home. A woof season don near
Please let me remind everyone that Palm wine has alcohol, drink responsibly

Who and who are taking part in it
Apart from our wonderful celebs who have decided to make Soup-A-Stars a give back to the community Avenue by actually getting into the vegetables and cooking for the community, our chefs are really great people too.
Chef Sussanahis a cancer survivor who has recognized that healthy nutrition has kept her healthy to date. She has a program which teaches people foods that actually helps nourish our bodies to keep cancer at bay.
Chef Ehis run a culinary school where he teaches members of the community restaurant business.

Chef Chiamaka runs Amicable foods where she is kept busy as folks flock to her famed Oha soup in the Surulere area, Chef Odiraa has a vast social media network dedicated to healthy African recipes, upcoming Chef Entrepreneurs who cater are also with us. Chef Obot and Chef Idara. Chef Khen is established as she supplies big clients, Chef Fonny Micheal is famous in the Abuja area
The icing on top of our cake in Soupastars is when the First Lady adopted this program and is pulling out all the stops to support us.
We have invited VIP and dignitaries. Now we invite you. Come hungry leave happy, join us at Soup-A-Stars.
The Grand Atruim on Lekki EpeExpressway. See you there.

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