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Within the beauty sector, the name of Alhaja Shine Shine is a big one. She is Nigeria’s Q ueen of Cosmetics. Her real name is Alhaja Modupeola Shukurat Abimbola Sanni. She is one of the pioneers in the Skin & Beauty sector. She owns Shine Shine Cosmetics. She stocks a lot of Cosmetics that she imports from abroad and she also makes her own products. 

So big is Alhaja Shine Shine that a lot of new generation skincare practitioners now depend on her for their products. She brings in all the good quality cosmetics available globally, and sells them in wholesale. She owns big warehouses all over Lagos, especially at the Trade Fair Complex where she owns a big complex. 

Her shop is located at 76 Nnamdi Azikiwe Street Lagos Island, and at Dupe Cosmetics Plaza, Enugu Plaza, International Trade fair, Ojo, Road. So big is she that many players in the industry respect her for her vital role in their businesses. She has saved many skincare practioners the stress and huge cost of having to travel abroad to buy products, since she has them in stock here in Nigeria.

Why is she called AlhajaShineShine?
She recently told City People Online Fashion and Beauty Magazine.
Well she's a skin care advisor, a cosmetic formulator and a business woman who deals with anything beauty

She used to be a person that only sell skin care products of various line the likes of skin success, Topiframand ClearEssence
People would go to her and ask her what they can use to enhance their complexion and skin tone
And she would recommend one thing or the other. Aside selling skin care products she all sells makeup products. One of it is glitters which was used to called shine shineback in the days

She would buy the glitters in bulk and repack in little quantities
In the process of repacking she would have a lot of shine shine on her face and body and people started calling her Shine Shine

She went with one of her friends to Oprah Benson to enrol for class but she couldn't push through because of her busy schedules
So everything she knows is self-thought and based on precedent. She started visiting different countries to get the best products for her customers and clients.

How did she build her solid reputation?
She told us also. There's one thing that people know her for QUALITY.
She would not compromise her products for a lesser one or cheaper one because of money. She carries only original brands and that is why the name has since stayed.

How was she able to sustain the business up till this point?
Well, no 1 thing about her is she's someone that prays a lot. God first, hardworking and more. I am not supposed to attribute all of what she has contributed to the skin care line to God but at the same time if you are very hardworking dedicated and focused you still need God.

So I will say it's a lot of hard work, dedication, focus, being truthful and humility.  A lot of people says she's very humble as there are a lot of people younger than her that she calls her friend.

And another thing is she's very large at heart. She's is a big giver and huge one at that. She always say that she would have contributed to the skin care Industry more that she's doing now if she was more educated.
She does wholesale, retailand all. She does privatelabels too.  She does rebranding

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