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20 Ankara Fabric Merchants Celebrity Babes Buy From

While the list of fabric merchants keeps growing by the day, some of the top fabric merchants who have been in the business for years still remain at the top of their games.

They have proven to us on many occasions that they are indeed the best in that field. We have fabric merchants who are into all kinds of fabrics and those who focus on only one fabric. You must have heard about many top fabric merchants ruling that sector but we want to draw your attention to some young and successful fabric merchants that sell only Ankara.

These fabric merchants don’t do any other fabrics other than ankara and they are making waves in that sector. Ankara which is also known as the African wax print is the commonest materials for clothing in Africa, especially in West Africa. 

Ankara is one of the fabrics or textile that has dominated the international clothing industries. It is also a representation of things that are African. We have also seen American celebrities rock them for several fashion shows. While others focus on selling fabrics such as Swiss lace, HOH lace, foil lace, velvet and the rest, these pretty babes that we will be talking about chose to sell ankara fabrics and they are leading that sector.

Mention the top ankara fabric merchant in Nigeria, these big babes will surely make the list. They are always the rich and celebrities choice when it comes to handling their parties. Olufunke Oladele is one of the biggest ankara fabric merchants, we are also not making a mistake if we call her the most sought after fabric merchant in Nigeria.

She as huge number of celebrities as customers because her brand has gone beyond just buying and selling ankara fabrics. She manufactures her own Ankara fabric and you can’t see those designs anywhere. She is the CEO of Milestone Mega company and the manufacturer of Milewood range of fabrics.

She owns 3 big shops on the island where she sells different kinds of Ankara designs such as, Ewa textiles, Galaxy Textiles, Ruby Textiles, Platinum Textiles, Deluxe Textiles, Jamboree Textiles and Supreme Textiles. What about the beautiful and ageless fabric merchant in Ibadan, Taofeekat Babayemi?

She is one of the Richest society women in Ibadan. She is a force to reckon with when it comes to fabric business in Ibadan and Nigeria. This young and successful woman is one of the foremost Gbagi fabric sellers in Ibadan. 

She has all the rich and powerful Ibadan society women as friends and she stays in a highbrow area in Ibadan.  She is a big dealer of quality ankara fabrics and whenever a celebrity is throwing a party in Ibadan, she is always the first person they call on to handle their asoebi and all. If you are conversant with Tejuoso market in Lagos you might have heard of OPPY fabrics. Despite the fact that Tejuoso shopping complex is very huge,  Ope Abdul is one of the society women that are making it big in Ankara sector.

Many society women who want a very unique ankara shop from her. Have you also heard of Fabadore Fabrics on Instagram?. The face behind that fast selling Ankara fabric store is the beautiful Igbo babe ,Ada Mmiriukwu. She has been in the business for years and she has gotten the patronage of many celeb babes on social media. Did we mention the celeb ankara fabric merchant, Oluwabunmi Matthew? She operates an online store but she has her followers in celeb babes.

Just of recent, she handled the aso ebi  for popular Nollywood star, Biodun Okeowo, when she buried her mom. The blue flowery ankara was all over Instagram as many celebrities and Nollywood stars rocked it in different styles.  So also is Orebowale Adeola Anjorin, she has also handled many celebrity parties.

Pretty Kuburat Saka, is also one of the big Ankara vendors who have gained the love of many celeb babes due to her unique Ankara designs.

The popular Abuja Ankara merchant fondly called Ola Wealth owns one of the most sought after Ankara stores in Abuja,  Ola is a guy but that didn’t stop him from progressing in this ankara business, he sells to the rich celeb babes in Abuja and also has huge number of Retailers buying from him. We should also mention the pretty chocolate diva, Adeyinka Igbani, she also runs a big ankara fabric shop.

What about Ankarabydebbie, she runs one of the online stores that sells high quality ankara fabric and lots of celebrities patronize her.  House of deriole is situated in Port Harcourt and has made it to the top list of fabric vendors in Port Harcourt. Another store that celebrities troop in    to get there ankara is Ankara Villa which is situated at the huge Tejuoso Shopping Complex in Lagos.

His Grace Ankara Venture needs little or no introduction on social media especially on Instagram. The beautiful CEO enjoys a large followership of celeb babes and society women.

With the rate at which social media has helped to improve people’s businesses, there are lots of ankara vendors who operate an online store and many celebrities buy from them. They are Gold fabrics, Ankara for Shakara, Ankara Remmies, Ankara village just to mention a few.

-Toyin Ogundiya

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