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Big Fabric Merchants Abroad Celebrities Buy From

In the past few years,  City People has written and concentrated more  on popular fabric merchants in Nigeria, but we hardly talk about many Naija babes who are big fabric merchants abroad. These set of babes are the ones ruling the social scene abroad.  
Some of them even fly to Nigeria when one of there close allies is having a function and you will see them rock a luxury lace and a beautiful set of jewelry to complement there look. These babes are beautiful, rich and influential. Mention big naija babes who are highly fashionable, they will make the top list.

Let us also tell you that they are not just beautiful, they are very successful in their businesses. We can also call them naija babes who are making us proud in diaspora, as they combine beauty with brain.

They sell latest luxury fabrics and exotic jewelry and they own big stores abroad. Some are based in the Uk, while some are US based. Whenever they step out to attend any function, everything about them speak volume.

We would be so right to start our listings with Banke Adetoro, who doesn’t know the Adetoros in London,  that person has to be a newcormer in London. Banke is the wife of London Big boy, Hakeem Adetoro and they have been married for over 25 years.  She runs one of the biggest textile shops in England. Not only is she popular in London social scene,  she is also very popular in Lagos social scene. 

Another big fabric merchant that enjoys the patronage of celebrities abroad is Halima Baruwa.

Her passion for fabric business didn’t start today. She started her business like a joke and  within a short period,  she became one of the most sought after fabric brands in the U.S. She has handled aso ebi for many celebrity parties in the U.S and London . The name of her brand is Treasure fabrics and she is also among the A list fabric merchants on Instagram.

Esho fabrics is another Top Fabric merchant in abroad that should be mentioned. She is called Aso-Ebi guru because she is a professional when it comes to supplying beautiful and exotic Aso Ebi. Tanwa Fabrics is another fabric merchant that needs no introduction. She owns a very big store in London, called Mini Gbagi market.

We all know that Gbagi market in Ibadan, Nigeria is a big market where you get varieties of fabrics. Her store in London  is a mini Gbagi market, as the name implies. Let us also add that her mother is one of the first set of fabric merchants in the old Gbagi market in Ibadan, and Tanwa took after her mom in the business.

When you want to get the latest luxury fabrics and beautiful 18 Carat Gold, Mini Gbagi market owned by Tanwa fabrics is the best options in Ibadan. What about The supreme Empire fabric store, owned by Tolu Wright. It it is one of the fastest selling fabrics stores in the U.S. Tolu, has been in the fabric business for over 14 years and she is hitting it big in that sector.

Her brand is known for unique fabrics and also one of its kind in 18 and 22 carat gold. The fact that she remains honest to her clients is one of the reasons why many Nigerians love to patronize her.

Though, her store is located in Maryland, United States of America, but they ship all over the world. The Supreme empire which also deals in Real Estate in the United States is owned by Tolu Wright, who has lived in the states for close to 18 years.  Another amazing fabric merchant that should be on the list is CEO Bistex Fashion.

She has a big brand that has lived for over 15 years and has also given birth to other shops abroad. Many call her Iyalaje Toronto because she specializes in luxury HOH, HKG and swiss laces. She also sells Unique 18 carat Gold. Let us also add THE young and successful fabric merchant, Omowunmi Adetona, the brain behind Romeo African Fabric in Chicago.

Omowunmi, who popularly known as Romeo, is quite young but very good when it comes to handling Aso Ebi. This beautiful babe is one of the youngest businesswomen making waves abroad.

–Toyin Ogundiya

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