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How l Fell ln Love With Kabiyeesi The TIMI Of EDE 6 Years Ago---Olori Aishat Omowunmi Lawal

It was her birthday a few days ago. The beautiful wife of theTimi of Ede, Olori Aishat Omowunmi Lawal celebrated her birthday and all her friends feature d her online.

They all paid tribute to how nice this pretty Olori is.She is not only a stunningly beautiful woman she is stylish also.

She granted Citypeople Online Fashion and beauty magazine a birthday interview where she revealed a lot about her marriage to kabiyeesi. For the very first time she revealed how they met and fell in love with him in 2013.

How did they meet?

We met In Ede during my Nysc days.. He got attracted to my mode of dressing.... He approached my LGI (local gov inspector) ND spoke to him about me and I was easy to described cos of my Good dressing conduct,that was where he contacted me....

He later got to asked me out, I prayed over it and I realised he's the 1😍....... We started our journey in 2013 ND got married in 2014....that was how  became Mrs aishat omowunmi lawal  the wife of Oba (Dr) munirudeen adeshola lawal THE TIMI OF EDE.

Who is Oloori Aishat Omowunmi Lawal?

My full names are Olori Aishat Omowunmi Lawal. I was on November 24, I am a native of  Offa LGA , Kwara State, Nigeria.

I am a Female from a polygamous family , where I happened to be the last child of my Mother...I had my Primary And Secondary Educations in Offa Kwara State And after my SSCE exam I moved to Zamfara State to further my Education. I obtained my ND and HND  in Business Administration at Abdul Gusau polytechnic, talata mafara, Zamfara State...Immediately after my HND, I was posted to Osun State for my POP and was posted to EDE LGA for my NYSC program in 2013.

I met Kabieyesi In the Year 2013 when I went for my CDS at Ede Secretariat. We got married in 2014. After our marriage, Kabieyesi asked me to further my Education, so, I used my HND to enroll PGD in Management Science..I used that to get my NBA in financial Management  and I had my BSC in Accounting ...

Olori Aishat became the second Legal wife to Hrm Oba Dr Munirudeen Adeshola Lawal, the Timi of Ede Land,Osun State...I read, love traveling and meeting new people..My favorite Foods are Rice and Noodles and my best colors are Pink , White and Blue...

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  1. Congratulations Olori Aishat, may God bless your New Age MaMa.
    And please to the city people, try and work on write ups before you post just an observation though. Thanks