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How London Celebrity Lady Yetunde Oduwole Got The Nickname BUSTLINE

Yetunde Oduwole is a popular Big babe in London. She is into events. She is the CEO of Bustline Media.

But every one simply calls her Yetunde Bustline. Yet they don't know how she got the nickname.

We can tell you.  This pretty lady who is very stylish revealed this a few weeks back.

She says l am a firebrand... molded for only the brave...dropped by onΔΊy the timid. They don't make them like me anymore.

Truly so. She is breathtakingly beautiful.

Read what she wrote on how she got the nickname.

If you have been following me closely all these years, you should have come across how the name most people call me today came about. The BUSTLINE name.

I started off as a columnist back in the days in Nigeria. I kicked off my career in Jos, Plateau State. I was 18. I penned critic columns, entertainment/lifestyle pages, diaries, stories, interviews and features.

My Editor at the Nigerian Standard Newspapers, Jos gave me an assignment to create a feminine column. I remember brainstorming with my very good friend, Tajuddeen Adepetu (SoundCity) who was an undergraduate at the University of Jos at the time. I put many names forward, and my editor chose BUSTLINE, saying it was feminine enough for what we needed it for.

BUSTLINE began as a column that didn’t put tongue in cheek to discuss matters our society kept hush-hush, especially sex. It was unapologetically frank and very down to earth. It became extremely popular. The reason being, I put my name and face on it. A lot of columns that discussed sex and relationships in those days did it anonymously. No one dared put their faces to it for the fear of what the society might label them. I was bold enough to; and readers found that new and refreshing. The BUSTLINE column became one of the favourite columns I ever penned. It brought me to limelight, it created the fan base that I still have to date; and I am thankful I churned it out.

My industry colleagues started to call me BUSTLINE and it stuck over the years. So, when I made a transition into events planning/marketing & management, I naturally chose the name BUSTLINE as my company name. It was already popular anyway, people called me by it, and why not?
So when you hear people call me BUSTLINE, it isn’t about my bust pleaseπŸ™„ I doubt if I had any bust when it was created😝 I was a teenager, a budding media girl striving to find her feet in the media jungle in Africa.

Hope I have clarified this for the umpteenth time😊 How has your week been? Sending hugs.

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