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How My Movie BORDERLINE Gave Me My Big Break As A Filmmaker – Yetunde Aderibigbe

Yetunde Aderibigbe is a damn good actress. She is also a Filmmaker. Recently she produced a movie which was well received. It's a brilliant movie.

She recently told Citypeople Online Fashion And Beauty Magazine how she produced her movie.

"The movie is to create an awareness on mental health problems in nigeria, in this part of the world society has taught us to keep our mental health struggle to ourself."

What is the synopsis of the story?     
:"My movie is about a mental health condition called Borderline personality disorder".

"Maureen (Yetunde Aderibigbe and Harry Bolanle Ninolowo) were having a sweet perfect relationship until Harry allowed his friend Femi to destroy it with his own mentality forgetting marriage is all about happiness, doing what makes you both stay happy together without regret."

Tell us about the making of the movie
Making BORDERLINE was so challenging for me cos it took me awhile to figure out the right director to work with me, I needed someone who sees and believes in mental health problems, someone that will allow me tell my story the way I want to because the biggest problem we have in the movie industry is our director, they know and believe little in the movie they direct.

Is it your first or second or 3rd?
My first movie is Omo Jabezzi, BORDERLINE is my second production
I will say (Omo Jabezzi) gave me my big break as an actress but (BORDERLINE) gave me my big break as a filmmaker

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