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How To Dress This Season For the Plus Size

As they say, its the season to be Merry la la la la la la la 🎶🎶🎶
The Owanbe party season is here. Loads of Parties everywhere. Its the season of Glits & Glam. And always remember that your size should never be a Barrier to looking your best.


1. Because its usually an aso ebi season, try to keep your styles simple. Dont over burden your styles. Avoid too many frills and gaint patterns that will make you look bigger.

2. For extremely bright aso ebi or colours of the day, i would advice you tell your tailor to tone it down with Black material.

3. Always make sure your makeup and gele compliment your dressing.

4. Always remember that Peplums are a good style for any Plus Size lady. If in doubt of what to sew, just tell your tailor to sew a dress with Peplum for you.

5. I usually advice alot of straight dresses for the Plus Size lady. They make you look more elegant and slimmer.

6. Remember the part of your body that is PLUS. More attention should always be on such parts. The aim is always to make them look smaller in order not to attract unnecessary attention that will make you feel uncomfortable.

7. Comfort is the keyword to making any Fashion Statement. Always make sure that anything you wear is very comfortable on you.

8. Invest more in Block Heel Shoes. They compliment the Plus Size Body. It also makes you look elegant and makes you walk smarter.

9. Accessorize minimally. You are already Plus Size. Always make sure you don't come out looking to Busy. This could make you look tacky  & Classless. Remember the aim is to look Classy & Polished.

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