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How To Make Your Legs Look Longer By ZINAT WILLIAMS

How to make your legs look longer
Wear a crop jacket: it makes your proportion change and makes your torso appear short, which also achieves the purpose of making your lower extremities look longer. Your crop jacket should be above your hip bone, it’s best worn for petite size women.

Wear maxi dresses: this beautiful piece works in a different way to lengthen your legs. The long dress creates an unbroken vertical line because of it length. It gives you the illusion of longer legs and make you seem tall than your initial height.

Short skirt: revealing your knee as a petit size gives the illusion of a longer leg. Calves are one of the largest muscles in the lower extremities, avoid letting the hemline get to your calf coz it gives the shirt look.

Vertical stripes: vertical details draw the eyes up and down creating the illusion of additional length. This vertical stripes can be worn as pants, skirts, shirts and dresses.

Wear dark color bottoms: black has a slimming effect, it makes your legs longer. Dark shade bottoms elongates your silhouette.

High waisted pants and skirts: wearing high waisted bottoms, your legs will appear to start higher on your torso.

Tuck your shirt in: pair a tucked in shirt with a high waisted bottom for extra lengthening. Avoid flying your shirt out depending on the kind of bottoms you are wearing, a loose blouse should be tucked in.

Avoid low rise jeans or pants: low rise pants have the opposite effect of high waist bottoms.

Avoid ankle straps: ankle straps have the opposite effect of high heels and v-shaped cuts. If you love wearing ankle straps, consider wearing bottoms that are pencil to prevent the line of your legs from being broken.

Wear pointed shoes: it extends the feet and your legs . Shoes with pointed toes typically have at least an inch or two extra space making them physically longer than a round toe shoe in the same size.

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