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I Am Enjoying My Life As A Filmmaker-Yetunde Aderibigbe

Yetunde Aderibigbe is a beautiful actress and filmmaker. She is very stylish and fashionable. She is a multi-talented and creative professional who is not frivolous at all.
She is very focused and committed to her craft. A few days back this pretty lady blessed with a flawless skin that glows told City people Online Fashion and beauty magazine her a success story.

Below are excerpts of the interview.

Tell me how you got into acting

I got into the movie industry by joining a theater group (new Hass production) owned by Omogboriola Hassan in 2009, was there for two years but I didn’t get the exposure n training I wanted  I proceeded to join (future concept group) owned Dele Ogundipe

How many years now?

I joined the Industry 2009 I took a two years break to have my child, so I can’t say I have been in the industry for 8years

How did u get your big break?

I will say (Omo Jabezzi) gave me my big break as an actress but (BORDERLINE) gave me my big break as a filmmaker

Do you also produce or you only act?

I'm a filmmaker. I act, I write my stories and I produce them my self.

What has kept you going all these years because people say there is no money in acting.

I will say the two things that have kept me in this industry all this while is God and the knowledge I have about filmmaking, because filmmaking itself is a business.. you might not make much if you are just an actor but as a filmmaker who has good content n knows the strategy of filmmaking you will definitely make money n fame is sure.

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