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Photo of the Remarkables mountain range in Queenstown, New Zealand.


The prestigious Waterfront Lounge, LASMA Yard in Falomo, Ikoyi is famed for its elegant architecture and classy ocean view fittings.

It was within this heavenly and classy ambience that friends and family gathered to celebrate the young and successful businessman and ISAT MD/CEO, Ganiu Mustapha as he adds another year.

Though many were involved in the preparations, there was no doubt that at the thick of things was his fore runner, Olusola Albert, who was working the phones even till the very last minute to ensure that the day was a huge success.

Indeed, the day turned out very grand and colourful with an assortment of celebrated Nigerians turning out to honour the CEO of ISAT Global Services, one of Nigeria’s leading Internet Service Providers.

The full course meal, the exotic drinks to the refreshing music provided by a Standby DJ, guests were certainly in the mythic seventh heaven!

According to the celebrant, Ganiu Mustapha, there was no way he was going to host a birthday party without prayers because, he was fully aware that it is Almighty Allah that has brought him this far and showered him with blessings and excellent health.
The businessman who has developed his company, ISAT Global Services Limited into one of the leading internet companies in Nigeria, even in the face of insurmountable clogs and impossibilities. He has done remarkably well for himself.

The company's rising profile is a clear testament to his leadership capability and capacity.

Ganiu Mustapha’s ISAT is certainly one of the biggest internet service providers in Nigeria today, and is certainly one of the biggest home-grown business outfit in Nigeria today.

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