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As you read this, London Celebrity LadyYeyeDupsyis warming up for her 50th on the 15th of December. And many of her friends are seriously preparing for her party. Last week she spoke to City People Online Fashion and Beauty Magazine’s Publisher, SEYE KEHINDEabout her life.

ln the next few weeks you will be 50. How do you feel?
I am so grateful to God for his mercy and love. I'm feeling great and looking forward to being 50. Words cannot describe how grateful I am to God for keeping me this far. God has been so faithful. Am feeling excited because it is a major milestone.  Am so so so super good

What's the secret of your looks? You don't look 50.You look so young like 40
Hamm.... First of all, I will acknowledge God for his divine health. I drink a lot of water, eat fruits and vegetables, I don't take sugar, and I eat balance meal. Most importantly, I try to be careful of the Am out of carbohydrates and fats that I eat daily. No fizzy drinks and I don't take alcohol or wine. It is very important to have a healthy and balance meal
You are blessed with a figure of a model. You are tall and slim. How have you kept your figure at 50?
You will be surprised if I tell you that I don't go to gym...but I do some exercise at home. Keeping fit is one of my priority, it is very important not to skip breakfast if you want to look good. And also, I don't eat any time after 6pm. I have couple of routines that I follow daily just to keep fit and strong

What sort of a person is Yeye Dupsy? Many people see you differently
To be honest many people tend to see me differently because of what they read or see on Facebook.  But, I am far from that picture. Yeye Dupsy is very private, reserved, quiet, mind my business kind of a person. I don't go to parties, I hardly socialise, I don't go out to people houses and to be honest people don't come to mine...This may sound funny but that's me. Watching all that is going on daily on Facebook, I never regret my being that sort of a person

What lessons has life taught you at 50?
I have learnt not to trust anyone, never to keep any secret with no body because no one can be trusted. Most especially I have learnt to impact lives, giving back to my community and to be kind

How do you deal with Haters who always find faults with everything you do?
You cannot satisfy everyone.  I have learnt to do my best and never try to defend or explain my actions to anyone. I owe no one any explanation, once am happy and my immediate family are, that's all that matters

You have always been a happy lady. What keeps you going?
My kids, seeing them growing as always been my source of happiness. It was not easy been a young girl, so many challenges but I am so grateful to God for his love
How do you cope with life in London? What work do you do in London?
I tend to be much focused, if you look at sides attraction in London, you will lose focus. I am a Nurse, glad to be in that profession that has duty of care to our patients

Who are your set of friends in London?
Waooo, that is a difficult one. I don't really have close friends, you won't believe am so comfortable been my own friend. I go out occasionally with Abike Jagabanand some of our team members. They are the ones that am close with.

Are you married? Do you have kids? Tell us a bit about them
Yes, am married with two boys. First one is Junior, a 23 years old graduate  and he is a junior coach with Arsenalfootball club. My second son is Tolu, a 19 years old presently first year at university.

Though you live in London, you run a school in Nigeria. How come? How do you run it?
I was a trained teacher when I was in Nigeria. So, the passion that I have for education was the reason behind the school. The school is been managed by couple of my trusted lecturer, friends and family who believed in my vision. I am so blessed to have a very special man named Dr. Durojaye, he was my lecturer and someone that can be trusted. I owe him everything because he has always been my great supporter

Let's talk about Yeye and Fashion. Oh my God you are crazy about Fashion. Tell us about your love for fashion
Fashion has always been a part of me since I was little. I love fashion, am a believer of simple but elegance when it comes to dressing.  You don't really need to wear so expensive label to look good. Am good at knowing what fit me and go well with my body. I bear in mind my figure, colour, and shape when am choosing my outfits

You recently came to Nigeria for your dads burial. How was your visit? What do you miss about Him?
The burial was great, I have the opportunity of meeting many of my extended family members and some old school mates that I have not seen in many years. Dad will be missed but his memory is always with us.

So how do you plan to celebrate your 50th?
I am having a very small party with some people in one of the club in London.  I really want it to be full of fun, that's the reason I decided to go clubbing on the 14th of December. I have launched a campaign for free sanitary pads for some rural secondary school in Nigeria and also a "project giving back to the community” whereby 10 pupils will have scholarship to Kidology School. That's what matter to me than a big party.

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