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Top Fashion Designer Kiki Okewale Shines @ Thai Silk Inter. Fash Week

This is good news coming out of Thailand where popular Nigerian fashion designer Kiki Okewale dazzled them at the Thai Silk Road To The World Exhibition.

Kiki is the pretty wife of Dr Tunde Okewale, the founder of St. Ives hospitals in Lagos .

She is a big fashion designer who presides over the running of her fashion empire. She is the CEO of Hope By Kiki Okewale, a fashion & clothing brand that is doing so well in Lagos.

Kiki Okewale is her Couture and Ready To Wear brand.

Hope By Kiki is for fabrics, whilst Bling By Kiki Okewale is the bridal, shoes and accessories.

She runs what is reputed to be the fastest growing fashion brand in Nigeria today.
The big news is that she was one of the few that displayed from more than  70 designers.

She made Nigeria proud with her designs. Let's tell you more.

The ancient Adire cloth pattern made a comeback and was brought alive when fused with modern silk & Rhine stones to the great applause of fashion lovers at the Thai Silk International fashion week.

There was the Thai Silk fabric, handwoven, from the royal palace and 10 pieces made with our ancient yoruba adire fabric from South West Nigeria.

What thrilled many  was the fact that some of her outfits were made with Thai silk fabric for the Thai Silk Road To The World Exhibition in Bangkok.

At The event she met famous designer Jimmy Choo.

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