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Joko Adeusi has carved out a niche for herself as the leading Style Consultant for a lot of Plus Size Ladies. She runs a clothing store with outlets all over Lagos. And she does only one thing-she caters to  plus size ladies who want to look trendy and stylish.

That is what she does for a living at her Eve Extra Clothing Store .
She is good at what she does. She is a beautiful plus size chic so she knows where the shoe pinches.

City People Online Fashion and Beauty Magazine found out 10 reasons why many celebrity ladies rush to her.

Joko Adeusi who was an accomplished banker before she left active banking to run her fashion business recently told City People Online Fashion and Beauty Magazine why very many plus size ladies come to her.

"I think it is because we always come up with solutions to what they see as challenges ",she explains. "We have answers to their style challenges."

We are strictly a Plus Size Shop. 

We cater for sizes 16w - 32w. And we sell everything For the Plus size eg Dinner Dresses, Suits, Jumpsuits, Dress & Jackets, Bulero, Church Suits, Bras, Night Wears, Work Dresses, Casual Dresses, Work Pants, Jeans, Bum Shorts, Three Quarter Pants etc.

2. We sell only US & Canadian wear.

3. We are wardrobe consultants.

4. We do personal shopping for our High Network individual (HNI) on any Luxury item.

5. We mediate between our clients and their preferred Brands.

6. We specialize in Fashion & Style Consultation.

7. We are creative Directors for major events or photo Shoot for our plus size clients.

8. You have an event and you dont know what to where  speak to us.

9. We are major distributors to Large Manufacturers of Garments from the US.

10. Because we deal directly with the Manufactures, we also sell at the cheapest rate there is in the market.

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