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Photo of the Remarkables mountain range in Queenstown, New Zealand.

Why US Life Coach, Dr Olubusola Olufemi ls Well Loved

She's very popular in the US. She is very popular here also. Dr Olubusola Olufemi ls a life coach who lives in Atlanta, Georgia, but shuttles between U.S. and Nigeria.
Dr. Olubusola Olufemi is a Certified Life Coach, an award-winning Wellness Consultant, a Sex Therapist, Certified Marriage Counselor, and a Mentor.

She is a vibrant, courageous and engaging speaker with a drive and determination to inspire individuals to fully appreciate the best of their life.

Dr. Olubusola is passionate about impacting young people and women to discover purpose. She's on a mission to train, develop and empower people, no matter where they've been or heading; freedom and healing can be accomplished through the Author of Life even from the deepest wounds.

She is the founder of Femfis Wellness and the president of Intimate Issues with DrOlubusola (IIWDO) and Audacious Women of Purpose; an NGO with presence in the United States of America and Nigeria.

That’s a bunch of what I do. But my Wellness business is focused on Natural healing now. Hopefully, the awareness about our natural herbs can be accepted and used by us.

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