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Photo of the Remarkables mountain range in Queenstown, New Zealand.

Celebrating A Queen Of Style,Olori Sekinat Aramide Elegushi

Have you met Olori Sekinat Aramide Elegushi  before?If you have you much have noticed that she is a woman of impeccable style.

She's elegant,chic and classy.

Whenever she steps out to a party she usually looks smashing and stunning in her outfits.

She loves the gorgeous and Glamourous look.

She pays attention to little details like her hair, jewellery,shoe and bag.

She never jokes with her Make-up. She gets it right always. She never jokes with her fabrics. They are exquisite fabrics.

She is the Beautiful wife of HRM Oba Saheed Ademola Elegushi who is equally stylish.

Olori Sekinat is a pleasant and lovely lady who is richly blessed. She is deeply religious. She doesn't go out.She is reserved and nice. She likes to mind her business. She has her circle of friends she doesn't joke with.

So private is she that she chose not to be on social media. She loves her husband so dearly. They have come a long way as school mates.

She has also been consistently consistent in  terms of the kind of person she is.And she radiates love and care about others.

She is a cheerful giver.

When it comes to style she is one of the stylish and fashionable celebrity women in Lagos. All hail an Olori who is blessed with a gorgeous style. She keeps upping her game.She is blessed with a flawless skin that glows. And she's got a good carriage. She's got Poise and Grace.

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