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Hajia Montai Celebrates 20 Years Of Montai Shoes

Hajia Montai is a big name in the business space, especially when fashion and style is discussed. She joined the exotic shoes market officially in 1999 with a brand name “Montai Shoes” and has changed the game ever since.
Hajia took to her social media on Thursday, December 19, 2019 to celebrate Montai Shoes at 20 and appreciated all her well-wishers and loyal customers.

She wrote:

Happy 20th Anniversary to Montai Shoes. 19th December 1999 till date. It’s been you all the way God. I remembered when I left the Banking Industry In 1994 I started with contracts and I also opened a boutique at Apapa road. But then I wanted something exclusive so in 1999 I opened Montai shoes at Toyin street ikeja selling expensive shoes strictly big labels. I am proud to say all the rich people in Nigeria have one time or the other bought shoes from us💪💪💪. It can only be God. Happy 20th anniversary to us.🙏🙏🙏🙏

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