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Vigold Creationsis one of the oldest fashion labels in Nigeria today, run by a hardworkingand focused founder, Wura Falade-Adepoju.
She is very talented and creative. 
Recently she told City People Online Fashion and Beauty Magazine the secret of her success. Below are excerpts of the interview.

Tell us about Vigold Creations. How did it start? Did you train for it?

Vigold was born out of love for fashion, my mother was a seamstress and a super designer, though I was never allowed to learn from her then because to her my education was paramount then. I will say I was born a fashion designer because I didn’t have a formal training until about two years when I started, I actually learnt on the job then later went to singer school of fashion and did some fashion courses in Paris and the United States, but fashion has always been in me, I created my designs for people for free even before I started my fashion business

What has been your staying power?

Uhmmmmmn, it’s not been easy at all, it’s been tough I will say, but my passion for what I love has kept me here and made me soar, you see when you are doing what you love , you will never work a day in your life, the best way to relax is to do what u love, so when the usual Nigeriastress starts, I deal with it so well because this is where my love is, I have passionfor fashionand doing fashion gives me so much joy and creating my designs gives me a lot of relaxation because I communicate so well with my fabrics and create designs effortlessly . So passion for my fashion has kept me here

What has made Vigold survive the last 22 years?

I will still say passion and not giving up. Anyone that has ever come across me will call me a workaholic, especially my staff, they will tell u I can work 24 hours every day for a whole year without taking a break, yes because  I love what I do , I find so much joy in doing fashion, money comes after all these. When challenges come, I look for why and what to do to overcome it. I don’t give up, I am a much focused person and sedulous. It’s been really tough running business in Nigeria especially fashion business, no power, tailors wahala, our road was bad for years and most of my customer couldn’t come around, except for few who lived around and there were no means of dispatching the way we do now then but I stayed focused, improved my skill and still passionate for the love of fashion because this is what I love to do. So passion, hard work and tenacityhas kept me here for 22 years

Tell us your success secret

The secret of my success is hard work, passion for what I do and God has crowned all my effort with success. Because without God supporting me I won’t be here even with all my hard work. So God has really been good to me

Vigold Creations is at No 51, Ago Palace Way, Okota Lagos

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