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Photo of the Remarkables mountain range in Queenstown, New Zealand.

Must have accessories for petite size women

* Heeled mules: mules look great with tailored trousers or a pencil skirt. For a dressed up look, pair with a floaty dress.

* Dangling earrings: are not only flattering, they give the illusion of height. Every petit outfit should be matched with a fabulous pair of earrings .

*Mini bags.: it doesn’t overwhelm your frame , it’s a perfect fit with petite clothes. When opting for a mini bag be conscious of the length, so it doesn’t make you look shorter .

*Skinny belts: dresses can often hang downward over the chest, the material loose from the body adding unwanted inches and volume around your middle area. A clincher belt will cinch your waist in and define your waist region.

*Necklace: accentuate your outfit with a thin , delicate necklace for a minimal and effortless look. A necklace with a long pendant is a great choice to elongate your short neck.

*White trainers: are a casual basics that will go with everything “short dresses, shirt dress, t-shirt and jean, mini skirt”.

* Hat: it’s super stylish but funnily some women don’t see it as their first fashion accessory that a woman thinks of when she is dressing in the morning. A bag can make a petite size woman stand out.

* Minimal dings: it draws attention to detail, compliment Boeing’s with a gorgeous nail colors. You can wear just one or wear many on different part of your fingers to really add some interest and sparkle.

* Peep toe heels: wear on trend peep- toe heels with your favorite jeans , style with a nice pair of t-shirt, mini bag and minimal makeup.

* Sunglasses: is a great accessory that changes the way you look. A sunglasses gives you a power look and makes you look classy.

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