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Protective hairstyles for harmattan By ZINNAT WILLIAMS

Harmattan season is often accomplished by dry, dusty and cold weather. It’s crucial to give extra care to your hair, harmattan tends to dry out hair much faster and causing it to break. It makes it difficult to maintain moisture because of how it dries out hair so fast.

Apply more of conditioner on your hair during harmattan period.

Shampooing hair dries it out very fast but the conditioner helps retain moisture.

Deep condition your hair often, it can be done daily or every other day to strengthen your hair.

Massage your hair and scalp with oil, to prevent your hair from drying out which encourages hair growth.

Take enough water this period , harmattan makes the body dehydrated .

Homemade mayonnaise can also help retain moisture in the scalp.

During harmattan, it’s crucial to do protective styles like braids, weaving, weave on .

The thicker and stronger your hair is, the less of a chance you will experience breakage from certain protective styles such as box braids. Finer hair or less density needs to be more cautious of these kind of styles. But make sure your hair is thoroughly cleaned, deep conditioned and moisturized prior to installing a protective style.

* Box braids are a protective style that can last you for  1 month and a week or 2 weeks with proper care. You can get braids wet therefore you can easily wash them weekly to keep your scalp clean.

* Crotchet hair: is a unique braiding technique. Your hair is braided into cornrows and then a crotchet needle is used to weave the synthetic hair of your choice through the braids.

* Wigs: are super versatile protective style, maintain wigs and your natural hair, wash both on a regular basis.

* Braided crown and low bun : it’s a quick and simple transformation from informal to formal and it’s a great style for the workplace or events.

* Flat twist: looks similar to cornrows. They are great protective style that can last for a week, you can undo your flat twists to reveal a beautiful twist out fro.

* Lemonade braids : are small of big cornrows , braided to one side of the head. This hairstyle can last 3-4 weeks.

* Braided ponytail: this style is achieved using synthetic braiding hair. The braiding technique can vary in style . You can wear the ponytail down or wrap the braids into a bun for a more formal look.

* Faux locs: are one of the most popular protective styles. The style is achieved by installing box braids and the wrapping each braid with Marley hair until the entire braid is hidden.

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