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The Many Principles That Worked For MO ABUDU

Lately many people have been wondering how Mo Abudu,the CEO of Ebony life hit it big.Trust Nigerians to keep wondering about such an amazing feat.

The reason is simple. What Mo Abudu has achieved will take many a life time to achieve. She has become an all rounder. She is a TV Producer, Filmmaker, Talkshow hostess and Media Entrepreneur.

Let's stop there for now.

She recently opened her brand new imposing Ebony Life Place in Victoria lsland, Lagos.lt is an imposing structure. That was where the premiere of Funke Akindeles Your Excellency movie took place.

What many don't know is that Mo Abudu had planned all these projects  years back when she started out.

I recollect telling Citypeople then her plan of setting up a network film studio and talkshow to bring Africa's creativity and untold stories to the attention of thShe has been able to do that.

She now sits atop Africa 's 1st global entertainment network.e world.

She told Citypeople Publisher Seye kehinde a few principles she believed in at that time that will help her.She spoke about the God factor. Hardwork. Determination. Focus.Confidence.Not taking No for an answer.And seizing every opportunity that came her way.A little bit of Aggressiveness in the pursuit of her noble cause has helped.

When you meet her she oozes Confidence. And she sounds convincing. She also plays with the power of ideas.She is ideas driven.

She is brilliant. She is intelligent. And she's hands on.

No wonder she has been able to combine her Beauty with Brains.

She is one of the most accomplished professional women in the country today. She is also very stylish and fashionable.

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  1. This is by far the most inspiring write-up about a true celeb!!!! In her own right!!. I am sooo inspired by this !! It's so brilliant, it brings out the best the brightest and intelligence in the Nigerian woman. Seye you definitely nailed this.
    Sade Popoola.
    Podcaster. Wig Restorer. Actress.