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Photo of the Remarkables mountain range in Queenstown, New Zealand.


Almost every girls dream.
How do we remember in those extremely emotional moments to take pictures of the moment in the moment.

I will tell you why?
It is not only the happiness that comes from being loved by someone, and he asking for our hand in marriage, that gives us tremendous joy.
There is the secret satisfaction that comes from that love being made known to others.

How else do you explain the elaborateness of proposals?
Or the deep knowledge that you will be married by someone but still feel unsatisfied by his lack of proposal?

There you have it!!
What we are not telling enough young people is that, they will curse the ring, even curse the day they said I Do if the focus and intention of it all is misplaced.

Can he be held by your attention long enough to assuage your fears? Are the more pertinent concerns.
Can you please allow him to meet your inner most needs before, your social gratification?

Will you please allow him pass the test of being a friend, a partner, helper, provider, thinker, protector before you expose him to the forces that will pressure you both to stay and even commit to what  you may not be fully equipped for ?

I could care less about your RING, the question I put to you, is your HEART?

Tope Olagbegi

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