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Everyone calls her Eyinju Eledumare. But her real name is Folakemi Alabi. She is a plus size. But she carries herself so well. She is beautiful. She is sexy and stylish too.
So many people admire her looks. She knows what to wear. She knows what not to wear.
The big news is that Eyinju Eledumare has just floated her fashion brand for the Plus Size. She has called it Eyinju Services, with a pay off line that says We Tailor To Fit.
"Truth be told, Yes I am Fat & I am loving it, she told City People Online Fashion and Beauty Magazine a few days back.

"I am out to cater to plus size ladies. We all have to   tell ourselves the truth that BIG is Beautiful. We should be BIG, BOLD & BEAUTIFUL. "
I actually went into the business because of plus sizes like me
I want to build and increase their self confidence in fashion.
 They hardly get their seizes in the market therefore buy what they see in the market....
Regardless of the fitting
Why did you go into the business?
My product is a multipurpose wear....... Our designs are suitable
2. Been on the extreme plus size myself... I realize so many “OROBO” have inferiority Complex.. And all this ball down to choosing their colours fabric, prints and style per shape
I work majorly with African print.... Ankara.... Adire.... Ankaramixed with jeans ... Chiffon silks and lots more
My product is a multipurpose wear....... Our designs are suitable
 Fashion is a state of mind for plus sizes not a size Range.... Considering the land cruising parts of plus sizes, more generous burst tommy and hip proportion
Our Tunic Shirts and dresses flatter plus sizes 
Making dresses to suit the orobo and building their self confidence is my interest. Our Tunic shirts and dresses flatter plus size ladies.

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