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Days after the grand wedding of Hip hop Star, 9ice to his heartrob Olasunkanmi Ajala many people who attended the classy wedding are still talking about how grand the event was.
They have been giving kudos to the couple. Don’t forget that his wife is into events planning and decoration.
She transformed the Civic Centre, venue with her crew. Both arrived in a white Rolls Royce Limousine and the decor of the venue was glamourous. 9ice looked dapper in his white jacket over black trousers and his wife looked heavenly in her wedding gown designed by Sheye Oladejo. Her Makeup was done by Bimpe Onakoya. She was styled by The Wardrobe Manager and her hair stylist was Abdazeez.
Planning of the wedding was done by The Trendy BE Events company and Creating Jaw Dropping Event.
The Suit 9ice wore was designed by the King of Wedding Suits, Mai Atafo.
It was all in all a very classy event.
A few hours ago 9ice spoke to City People Online crew led by Publisher, Seye Kehinde. He revealed a lot about his bride and the wedding. Below are excerpts of the interview with City People Online.
Congratulations on your successful marriage. What are your impressions of the 2 part event?
Thanks. My impression and expectations was beaten by the turn out of friends, families, media and most importantly Allah’s fulfillment by making the day come to pass.
Why did you decide to make it grand?
Grand because it was ordained by almighty Allah. My wife and I try as much as possible to make it small by inviting close friends and family majorly with media houses that have been part of my success story over the years but as witnessed it was beyond what anyone can control but at the end we glorify the name of the most beneficent and the most merciful.
You are a no nonsense guy. How easy was it for anyone to convince you to remarry?
No one convinced me to remarry. I just decide to take care of my life, care for myself more and retrace my steps. Also rebuild my family and focus more on my immediate family.
What are the qualities that your wife has that made you decide to marry her after 8 years?
She has a lot of qualities to mention few she’s a friend before becoming a wife, she’s a good listener and she’s my defender.
Tell us a bit about your new wife. Her background and what she does for a living?
Olasunkanmi Ibidunni Ajala now Akande is a Lagosian born and brought up in Lagos. Her dad and mum are from Epe in Lagos. She studied management technology at LASU and she’s into events decor.
What attracted you to her 8 years ago? Is it her beauty? Or figure? Or what?
The attraction at the beginning was just an introduction through a mutual friend name BT and from there we chat once in a month blackberry back then and from there we hang out with other friends and the first attraction wasn’t beauty it was more of friendship with someone you share a lot together. At a time we have interest in almost everything and things we differ we complement each other.

What has changed about 9ice? Has aged mellowed you in a way? Tell us
Age has really done a whole lot on me; letting go, allowing things to take the turn of life, answering question that deserve answer and ignoring ones that doesn’t even require an answer. Taking the bulls by the horn and deciding for myself and taking cognizance of any repercussions and be able to be ready to face them when they arrive.
How has your new wife contributed to the growth of your music?
Not to the growth of my music but to the growth of my being, music is just an angle I am more than music and she has being able to cope, endure, tolerate, advise, invest and defend in all areas when necessary.
Musically at what stage is 9ice now?
Musically to determine the stage or level I am at is to sound ones trumpet but to be able to stay relevant in the industry for just 10 years is worth celebrating. I’ve been able to stay afloat for the past 20 years and that’s much more. Glory be to God almighty Allah and to the people who invested their time, money, pen to write about me and camera to record me and eventually showed it for people to recognized

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