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Photo of the Remarkables mountain range in Queenstown, New Zealand.


Lagos Fabric Merchant, Jumoke Oyeneyin is a style icon, anyday, anytime. She has been very fashionable for years. In those good old days, she had a peculair way of tieing her gele that stood her out. She used to tie this round and elaborate type of gele that made her stand out.

But she has changed the way she ties her gele now. Jumoke Oyeneyinwho opened her fabric store in Lekki last week, is one stylish lady to watch out for this year. She always looks Glamorous andGorgeous all the time. Mrs Jumoke Oyeneyin is a beautiful celebrity woman who is happily married. 

She is also a very stylish woman. So stylish is this lady that whenever she walks into a party all heads usually turn in her direction because of her gorgeous and glamourous look. She recently opened a fabric shop in Lekki and all the style icons attended.

The big news is that Jummy has changed her old style of tying Gele and she have introduced a new one. Before now her Gele used to be dramatic and elaborate. lt used to be oval-shaped and big. But she has introduced a brand new signature Turban Gele.

Why did she change her Gele style? 

It's because she has had the old style for decades she told City People Online Fashion Magazine recently. And she decided to reinvigorate her style. Her figure has also changed. She has lost a bit of weight and it's a trimmer Jumoke you see these days. And she feels she needs to amend her Gele to fit her new mind-blowing figure.

Every one seems to like her new look and she has received commendations.

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