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Photo of the Remarkables mountain range in Queenstown, New Zealand.


This is the usual calls and messages I get daily. Despite the fact that we are all make -up free for weeks (unusual occurrence our skin should be grateful for),  avoiding the sun and environmental pollution, our skin seems to be unhappy than ever.

Our expectations are that we should come out fresh and smooth, why the breakout? Unfortunately, things are happening now that our skin doesn’t like.

The major causes are Emotional stress, Diet, Hygiene/irregular skincare routine 😉 and lack of Vitamin D. Stress is playing a lot right now due to the negative news around us as well as keeping the little ones in check 24 hrs. Our skincare routine will definitely slip during this unprecedented period. (Some of us don’t have our bath on time as before)

Also, been very close to the kitchen makes us succumb to the temptation of junks and unusual eating habits. This definitely wreaks havoc on our skin.

Spending time indoors all day, as well as exposure to artificial and dry air, will increase our Vitamin D deficiency. Vitamin  D helps reduce inflammation in the skin and prevents breakouts

1) DIET- Watch what you eat
2) VITAMIN D - hang out in your compound daily to improve your Vitamin D, you can also get Vitamin D supplements
3) regular indoor exercise for blood circulation and to burn  the excess we consumed will help
4) Keep your regular skin care routine, the right order at the right time before the lockdown - Cleansing, toning, exfoliating, moisturizing. This is not the time to pile up on every new skincare product advertised on the internet. Maintain the same routine that has worked for you over the years, observe your diet, feel good, exercise, dance, movies etc. all these will boost your hormones
5) WATER 💦. Remember to keep yourself hydrated. A minimum of 4 bottles of 75cl water will do you some good.

Hey! Just in case you need some distractions on your skin concerns, chat me on WhatsApp 08034121010.

We shall overcome this period by His Grace 🙏🙏

Love you😍❤️❤️

Mariam Toyin Lawal

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