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Celebrating Lagos Make Up Queen ,Tshakky, As She Adds +1

Tolulope Shakirat Adebayo is big in the Make-up  industry. Call her a Queen in her industry and you won't be far from the truth.This is because her name is every where. Every body calls her Tshakky.That is her brand name. She is into Gele & Make Up.She is into Beauty,Cosmetics& Personal Care.She sells Make Up products also.

 The big news is that she just added +1 to her age and she has been celebrated by so many celebrities. That should not come as a surprise. She is good at what she does. That is why her services are in high demand.

She has been into Makeup since 2010.But it became big 6 years ago.How did she coin Tshakky the name of her brand?

She told Citypeople Online Fashion and beauty magazine how."Tshakky was formed from my name Tolu....My husband's name is Shakiru and i am Shakirat.So our nickname  is Shakky.So the T stands for Tolu&Shakky stands for our nicknames."

Happy birthday to this very beautiful lady who is doing so well right now in the Make-up industry.

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