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Many Plus Size Women Are Stylish & Fabulous – Sexy Actress/Movie Producer, Lisa Omorodion

Lisa Omorodion is in love with her plus size figure. And she does not hide it. She flaunts it. She is beautiful and sexy. And she carries herself so well.

Lisa is a star actress and movie producer. She is the CEO of Platinum Studios. She is also into Oil business. She is Big, Bold & Beautiful.

She wants the Nigerian society to promote and celebrate the plus size woman .She is not happy with the discrimination plus size women suffer.

Last March she complained about how the fashion industry creates a fantasy world of what women are supposed to wear and sadly a lot of women struggle to fit into this.

This fantasy would always exclude curvy & plus size women...This is even made all the more obvious when the best dressed lists always excludes plus size women.

According to this beautiful lady who looks stunning all the time in her outfits, it is very disheartening that in Africa where women are naturally curvaceous, we continue to discriminate against them.

She is not happy that at the recently held Africa Magic Viewer’s Choice Awards (AMVCA) show not one plus size woman made it to the best dressed list.

Her question was: is Style& best dressed list the preserve of only slim/skinny women?

She revealed that the global plus size fashion industry is worth a whopping 20 billion dollars, with an annual growth rate of about twice the total clothing market.

That represents $20 billion worth of buying power.

Inclusion of all women in the fashion industry is the way forward. Only then can we say Fashion is truly democratic.

All the plus size women, you are beautiful, stylish, fabulous & worthy of every best dressed list.

So passionate is she about promoting the plus size woman that she dedicated one of her films to all the plus size women all over. She says Beauty isn't measured by Size.

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