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15 Simple Ways To Make Your Skin Look Stunning

 Simple ways to make your skin look stunning
* Inculcate the habit of cleansing in the morning at night, this removes the residual impurities on your face before moisturizing your face.

*Moisturize your face daily, in the morning and at night. It’s very crucial if you want to have beautiful skin, look for products that contains vitamin c, hyaluronic acid, glycerine, and aloe Vera.

*Do an oil cleanse once in a while. Cleanse your face, dab with a clean towel, apply any natural oil of your choice and massage it gently on the skin of your face and neck. Let it sink into your skin for 15-20 mins before using a damp hot  towel and remove the residual oil.

*Invest in a good serum especially the vitamin c serum and use it every day before applying your face cream. It helps your skin and reduces hyperpigmentation on the face.

*Apply face masks on your face and neck 2/3times a week to peel of the impurities on your face. It gives your skin an extra boost and offers a quick fix for skin dryness, tired or dull-looking skin.

*Treat your spots immediately, reduce your pimples or redness with an ice cube. Rub an ice cube on your pimples to flatten it, wash your face, and apply your spot face cream.

*Use your SPF daily. Sunrays are very harmful to the skin, the sun makes your skin dark and dull. Use SPF lotion or cream daily before setting out and every 3-4 hours interval.

*Steam your face once in a while, your pores open and it makes your facial products penetrate and work faster when you apply it on your face. You can steam your face once in a week but please make sure you don’t steam for a long duration because it can lead to the skin ageing and squeezing.

* Drink a lot of water every day, it’s hard to keep your skin supple, if it’s not hydrated internally.

* Eat healthy foods rich in proteins and vitamins. Bad looking skin like acne and dull-looking skin is prior to a bad diet filled with processed foods and consumption of much sugar. Eating a healthy and clean diet helps your skin detox, regulates the sebum production, feeds the skin and accelerates regeneration.

*Exercise regularly, sometimes our skin breaks out because our body is having a hard time to get rid of various toxins. Exercising is a perfect way to help you because you are sweating a lot of toxins out with sweat.

*Have enough sleep, our skin regenerates faster in our sleep and starts to look tired when you don’t sleep enough.

Choose products that are right for your skin type. Always use appropriate products for your skin and test it for a few days/ weeks before deciding if it’s good for your skin. You can seek the intervention of your dermatologist to give the best products for your skin type.

*Clean your makeup brushes regularly. Dirty makeup brushes can enhance breakouts, irritation, skin allergies and clogged pores that secrete dirt.

*Use silk or satin pillows, Silk pillows are wonderful and subtle for the skin. Silk is a natural and very soft fabric, therefore your skin gets less irritated at night.

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