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Celebrating Lady of Style & Beauty, Kikelomo Atanda-Owo

If you meet Kikelomo for the very first time you one thing that will strike you about her is her beauty and style. She is very beautiful and she is always elegantly dressed. She is a lady of Style, no doubt about that. Any where she goes, she is always well attired. And she carries herself with great Poise and Grace. She is blessed with a flawless skin that glows and a mother of 3.
But there is more to Kikelomo Atanda-Owo than beauty and style. She is highly intelligent and creative. She is a Journalist, Media practitioner and a training consultant who is doing well in her sphere.

A few days back, Citypeople Online Fashion and Beauty Magazine got her to tell us about her success story.

Journalist, media consultant and Trainer Kikelomo Atanda-Owo recently kicked off a new radio show on 92.3 Inspiration FM, Lagos.

Real Talk With Kike airs on Inspiration FM every Wednesday at 5 pm. It is a live show dissecting contemporary issues, with live interviews, including the much talked about giveaway segment, which is quite popular with listeners.

The show mainly features hot button and topical issues, seeking answers to what, how and why of raging matters of the day.

During a 45-minute conversation with sometimes the shapers of the issues, guests provide different perspectives many trending stories of the day, giving listeners front seat into why certain things are happening in society. Kike interviews celebrities, politicians, captains of industry and many times, everyday people doing extraordinary things.

Speaking of giveaways on the show, the host, Kike Atanda-Owo, says she always keeps listeners guessing. “It’s always quite exciting that we are able to give back to our listeners. We have done trips to Dubai, weekends at 5-star hotels, loads of drinks from Nigerian Breweries, Samsung phones, loads of free gifts from sponsors and much more!”

The host of the show is the lovely Kikelomo Atanda-Owo, a journalist, trainer and Managing Consultant at Zedge Consulting. She was until recently, featured on TVC's morning show, She has also has stints with Silverbird, AIT, Nigerian Compass and many more. Kike is candid, down-to-earth and personable.

Listeners on the show say that they feel like they are relating with their best friend @realtalkwithkike.

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