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Photo of the Remarkables mountain range in Queenstown, New Zealand.


Michael Bonny Bassey lives in Austin Texas, he is a very bright young man with a future of great dreams ahead of him, and he is working hard to make it come true.

He is not only a model, but also an actor who has featured in some Nollywood films, so it is safe to say he is a Nollywood celebrity in his own right, having been part of movies like Dreams, Love Is In The Air, Boomerang, School Party, Not Enough, War Against Men, Elephant In The Room, amongst others.

For Michael, life in the US has taken a different focus for now. He is currently certified fitness trainer who studied with the Academy of Sports and Medicine.  Movies and fitness do not mix, you may say, but it does. One can only imagine it could lead to a career, still working within the movie industry and beyond, training celebrities and everyday people, keeping them fit. As we all know, staying in good shape is very essential these days, and fitness trainers are in hot demand. A lifestyle choice that saves and prolongs life as well.

To say he is blessed with good looks is not only stating the obvious, he has oodles of it. He has that movie/music star heartthrob look, between a modern day baddie heartbreaker, and old school cool, reminiscent of John Travolta,Clint Eastwood, Al Pacino, Robert DeNiro, Andy Garcia, etc. Classic and timeless. 

A look that can adorn any wall year in year out without fading away. One thing he possesses is that element of humility that is sometimes lost with some good looking people. And that is quite an endearing attribute which immediately earns you unsolicited respect and attention.

Michael comes from an athletic family, so keeping in line with the family tradition is second nature. "Training to be a fitness instructor, one needs to look the part" he stated in our interview. He also revealed that because he is a bit skinny, using weights to build up muscles is essential. In reality, very few people will be intimidated by a skinny instructor eg. moi (lol). 

There is a natural fear and respect around musclebound fitness instructors. Although we now know it doesn't always follow. Good instructors come in all shapes and sizes. Bulking up is a very good way to go in not only achieving his ambition, but also to look the part.

Furthermore, he emphasized on the positives why keeping in shape outweighs the negatives. Such as, it helps in boosting ones confidence, improves sleep, stimulates the brain, and reducing the chances of heart disease. But most importantly, it improves our general health and wellbeing.

Michael Bonny Bassey is of Sierra Leonan descent and about to take on his American dream. In some quarters, I hear he is known as "too much man in one man"  With looks like that, the alias fits perfectly. To see more and follow his progress, he can be found via his instagram handle @real_bassey.

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