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How SweetFola Couture, London, Stands Out From Other Fashion Brands

Creative Director, Fola Adeboye Tells Citypeople magazine

SweetFola Couture, London is a reputable fashion brand in London. It’s a fashion label that was set up by a very brilliant and creative lady called Fola Adeboye. She is good at what she does.

She designs for the strong woman. She is the product of a great training in Fashion. And she has built her business to the enviable height it is today.

Recently she spoke to Citypeople Publisher Seye Kehinde about her success story and how she has continued to dazzle all her clients.

Below are excerpts of the interview.

Tell me about your brand SWEETFOLA Couture what makes it unique.
My brand is unique from others because we specialized on women’s wear luxurious made couture clothes and online boutique clothing.
Sweetfola Couture represents the entire strong woman. Women who never give up on their dreams, confident and achiever, the one that stood in the storm and the wind did not blown her away and also the one who walks in purpose that doesn’t have to chase people or opportunities, Here is to strong women, may we know them, may we be them and may we raise them.

What made you set it up in 2016?
It has been a long time ambition to be a successful fashion designer, that’s why I established my brand in 2016 immediately after my Graduation.
Secondly, My highly commended debut collection STRONG WOMEN bright red and fuchsia floor sweeping gowns that was quickly attracted the attention of the fashion industry after my collection was showcased on the Runway at London Graduation Fashion Week 2016 and my ready to wear Spring Summer 2017 collection was showcased in British Vogue Magazine. My collection was rated the most elegant and well-tailored collection of the week

What has kept you going since 2016?
First of all grace of God has been my strength, Focus and looking at the bigger pictures. Keeping a small business afloat in challenging times can be difficult, but extra attention to details can help ensure that a business survives. Because every small business is different, and each carries its own risks and rewards, there is no set playbook to follow for survival.

How did you coins the name SweetFola couture for your brand?
SweetFola is about myself, sweet is the flavor that speaks about my character that is what formed my brand name

Tell us about you and your growing up years, where were you born, where did you grown up.

My name is FOLA ADEBOYE nee (ADEFOWOPE) I am the CEO and creative director of SweetFola Couture London. I am a British trained fashion designer, I live in London and I graduated from University of East London in 2016 (Fashion Design BA HONS) also studied BTEC LEVEL 3 Extended Diploma in Art and Design (Fashion Clothing) September 2010-June 2012 at Greenwich Community College London.

I was born and grew up in Ile-Ife, OSUN STATE NIGERIA, I studied Philosophy Psychology at the Obafemi Awolowo University, I graduated in 2001.

Based in London, South East.

IG handle : @sweetfolacouture
Email @ sweetfolacouture.co.uk
Twitter: @sweetfolacoutur
Facebook : Fola Couture

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