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"I Am On A Mission To Transform IPOKIA Kingdom" – New Onipokia, HRM Oba Olaniyan Tells Citypeople

It is no longer news that Ipokia kingdom has a new king. It does. And he is an accomplished businessman who has global connections to drive Growth and development to the area.

He is HRM Alayeluwa Oba Yisa Olusola Adeniyi Olaniyan, Ariwigbade Oshihin II, Onipokia of Ipokia Kingdom.

He recently spoke to Citypeople Publisher, Seye Kehinde in what is his first media chat since he ascended the throne of his forebears.
Below are excerpts.

How do you feel now that you have become the Onipokia of Ipokia kingdom?
It feels great especially after all the hurdles we had to scale thru. It’s been very rough for the past 15 months waiting for government approval, but we thank God Almighty who has given us victory at the end.

How do you see the battle you went through?
I see it as part of challenges of life, and also that good things don’t come easy, one must be ready to make sacrifices for good and justifiable course in life.

What are the lessons learnt?
Going thru what I have been through has strengthened my understanding of life. It has strengthened my belief that winners never quit and quitters never win, and also that God doesn’t like ugly and that no matter the situation and circumstances, the truth shall always prevail. Meaning, with God, all things are possible for those who believe.

Tell us about the new Onipokia. Where were you born? Where did you grow up? Where did you school? What were you doing when you became Oba?
I was born and bred in Ipokia. I did my primary and secondary school in Ipokia but I was always going to Lagos for vacation because my late father was in Lagos. I left Ipokia after my secondary school to live with my uncle in Lagos because my father has returned home before I finished my secondary school. After working at the airport for about 6 yrs, I relocated to the US where I did my tertiary education. I was working with an oil & gas company called Emerson Process Management as a Quality Inspector, and at the same time, a music and movie promoter and artist manager for over 15yrs. That promotion business was what gave birth to Afro-Heritage Broadcasting & Entertainment Awards (AHBEA), our annual award event in 2015.
Unfortunately, the event won’t hold this year because of Covid-19 and has been postponed till next year 2021.

Tell us about your kingdom. What is the significance of Ikpokia?
Ipokia is an ancient and historic town that has 147 towns and villages under us with some Baales and kings, and it’s the headquarters of Ipokia local government. This town has been in existence since early 1600’s and had been thru lots intertribal war with the Egba’s and Cotonou invaders in the days of colonial masters.

We have very rich cultures and traditions that make us unique especially as people who migrated to Ipokia from Opo Bini in the Kwara state via Oyo Ile with the blessing of the then Alafin. Ipokia is close to Benin Republic border and has opportunity for people who want to do one business or the other especially in the area of farming & manufacturing.

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