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I Don't Really Care About What People Think About Me – Star Actress, DAYO AMUSA

Multi-talented actress, Dayo Amusa, is no doubt, one of the wave-making actresses in the entertainment industry, the Food Science and Technology graduate started acting in 2002. She features in both Yoruba and English movies, and in the course of her 17 years movie career, she has produced 12 beautiful movies.

She is rated one of the most successful and talented actresses in the industry and besides acting, she is equally doing well in the music industry and also a proprietress of Paydab School, which has 2 locations in Ibadan and Lagos.

Recently, the title of one her songs, “Igbin” caused a lot of controversy on internet as many misunderstood the message she was trying to pass across.

In this chat with City People's Assistant Society Editor, ABIOLA ORISILE and Senior Movie Reporter, BIODUN ALAO, she talked about why she is a very blunt person and her 17 years journey in the movie industry.

Your talk about “Igbin” caused controversy on Instagram recently, what was it really about?
It’s just a song, I said I am a snail seller, my snail is sweeter than yours, all I said was just part of content for the song, I said I love to cook, where are all the snail eaters and the next minutes I started seeing different comments about the igbin. People had different interpretations, but as far as I'm concerned, when you go online and google “Snail” the picture of what you get is actually what I am talking about.

How do you feel when many described you as a blunt person?
I am, indeed, a very blunt person because I don’t have brain and mind to accommodate unhealthy situations or conversations. So, if I am not at peace with you, I will rather confront you, so we can clear issues and move on rather than keeping malice, I don’t know how to do that.
I am thankful for my life, growth, grace provision and I am thankful for provision. God has indeed, been so grateful.

How do you cope with many admirers who comes your way?
You can’t attend or relate with every admirers who comes your way. You just try as much as possible to politely turn them down.

What is your last movie about?
My recent movie has to do with the issue of rape, child molestation and parental negligence. Basically, what is happening around us, what we hear and the things we experience, I feel this is also another avenue to give voice to people who are unable to give out their voices and also let the society know that this thing is happening and the fact that it is happening does not mean we should accommodate it and how to deal with situations like that if it happens.

At what particular time did you discover acting was your thing?
It is something I have always love to do, like being in the entertainment industry. Basically, though I read Food Science and Technology at Ogun State Polytechnic, the fact still remains that I saw myself more in the art world, so after earning my ND at Moshood Abiola Polytechnics, I just felt it was necessary for me to pursue my dream which I did.

How long have you been in the industry?
Since 2002 to be precise and that is like 17 years now.
How has the journey been so far?
I thank God Almighty for everything that I am here today, looking back to how I started and I am still here I give God all the glory.

Do you have any particular reason you like to feature English-speaking stars in your movies?
It is not as if anything made me do that it is just that we are all actors and actresses, and when you put down a story, you will have pictures of those you feel could perfectly interpret the roles, so doing “Unforgiving” then, the last I had then were the people I felt could really interpret the roles perfectly.

Are you working on any movie now?
Yes, my movie, entitled: “Omoniyun”. I am working on putting it online platforms for people who want to watch, I am also working on another project.

 Do you have a YouTube channel like some of your colleagues?
Yes I do, though I don’t have all movies on my YouTube channel, yet like you know most of us are embracing YouTube channels because of issue of piracy and when you invest so much in production, you would definitely want to get your revenue, I also guess it is a means of extending one’s creativity.

How many movies have you produced in your 17 years of movie career?
I have produced 12 movies.

You tend to be looking slimmer, were you getting pressure from people to slim down?
If you are doing anything in life, you should understand that you are doing it for yourself, everybody has different opinions about the way he/she relates to things. This person would come and say oh you are big. Another person would come and say short. Another would come and say you are thin, I don’t want to do things based on the fact that people are telling me, this is the way I should look, it is not their right to tell me how I should look or appear. It strictly has to do with me. Then I didn’t see anything wrong it is all about me, me and me.

What state are you from?
I am a Lagosian. My mum is from Ogun State, while my dad is from Lagos, Isale Eko to be precise, so, I am an Omo Eko proper.

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