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"I Have Been Making Other ladies Beautiful For Over 20years "---DIVINE LOOKS Make Up CEO,Chidinma Ukonu

Within the Make up industry,Chidinma Ukonu has come a long way. She has paid her dues.She is good at what she does. She is one of the leading lights of the Makeup industry. She started years ago and she has been able to sustain her brand which has been waxing stronger and stronger.

It is her birthday and Citypeople Online Fashion and Beauty magazine spoke to her about her staying power in this very competitive industry. Below are excerpts of the interview.

How do you feel as you celebrate your birthday despite all the uncertainties in the air globally?

I feel blessed and really grateful to God, for the opportunity to see a new year... There's hardly anything anyone can do at this time but trust God and stay safe.  So, I won't let myself get depressed over what I have absolutely no control over.

What has kept you going in the Make up industry all these years?How many years now?

Grace of God is number one...because I am what I am only by grace... Secondly, INTEGRITY.. if there's no trust, no matter how good you are or how talented, you will loose clientele. RELATIONSHIP ...is another..most of my clients are like family now .. it's hardly a one off thing when we work with any client, we get called back... Then HARDWORK.. I never stop learning...I never stop reading... I never stop trying to get better. It's been 20yrs now...

What has changed and what has not changed about you?

I'm taking more care of myself... lost some good weight and feeling very good and fulfilled...I am wiser too...a lot of things I took for granted in the past, I take seriously now... I haven't stopped smiling and being a happy person...I still try to love up on people around me...

Tell us about the Divine Looks brand. At what stage is it now?

we are taking the industry by the horns... At first it was just makeup, now we do PHOTOGRAPHY, BRIDAL HAIRSTYLING, BRAIDED WIGS, JEWELRY, FABRICS..we also have a franchise with SMALLCHOPSNG...

How do you see Competition?How do you see the new make up Artists who have come into the industry?

competition is good for business, it brings out the best in you and makes you work extra hard.. the new hands in the industry are not doing badly...a lot has changed and way better than yester years... Generally there has been a remarkable growth.

Why should ladies take their make up serious and pay attention to their looks?

A woman is like a rose...  She needs tending and care.. makeup is just the outward beauty... Every woman must take proper care of her entire body, not just for others to admire, but it boosts her self confidence... Looking good gives you an air of control...the girlchild is naturally wired to be admired...so she has to play the part well.

How did Covid 19 affect the Make up industry?How did you cope since the Lockdown in March?

Whoooops... Covid hit the industry real hard. Most people are still battling the effects...like I said, we @divinelooksmakeovers had other streams of income, so God helped us. Right now, we are bouncing back gradually but surely. It's been an interesting journey.

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  1. I must confess ire one lady who has the zeal , very hard-working and brilliant, intelligent thank God for the journey ..we see u going greater heights......😘

  2. She is so great at what she does. And you can never have a dull moment while she does your make up

  3. And 16years ago in 2004 she did my wedding makeup & I cant stop loving my wedding look. Am glad she is still on top of her games. Happy birthday ma'am

  4. A lot to say about Mrs Chidinma Ukonu. She is gifted, graced at what she does (Make up Industry). A rare gem! Keep soarimg!!