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Photo of the Remarkables mountain range in Queenstown, New Zealand.

Liverpool's Youngest Entrepreneur, Ebun Akinya CEO Ebbs AK Beauty, Inspiring Other Youths [PAFASH COLUMN]

CEO Ebun Akinya

Heys! It’s Ebbs AK Beauty here & the CEO and Owner of this business are Ebun Akinya.

She is an upcoming business that sells wholesale & retail products, such as: Lipgloss, Mink Lashes, Lip scrubs, Branded Lip Gloss, Homemade Lipgloss & accessories.
She aspires to become a well-known establishment & brand and sell more things in the near future. Shop with her today and support her business!
Website: www.ebbsakbeauty.co.uk

Instagram page: Ebbsakbeauty
And also subscribe to her channel, where you can watch her entrepreneur series & maybe you, can start your own business too! : Ebbs Ak

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