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Photo of the Remarkables mountain range in Queenstown, New Zealand.

Trending Style You Can Rock As A Lady

Welcome back to our weekly fashion report we have brought you another trending fashion and styles you could like to rock.

I will be talking about jumpsuit and nice gowns that can be worn to church or office or any outing you like to go  there are different types of dresses that we can rock in many ways.

Also, they are some nice up and down nice fabric that really look fabulous with a nice slide on them.

We would be looking at some nice joggers up and down wit sneakers on them
Also, they are some skinny jeans that can be rock with long sleeve tops or round neck with nice heels and bags, 
They are very nice fabrics that can be sewn to make a nice gown for parties or weddings that makes you look classic on them

Reference (@iyaboojofesprisb on ig)
          Olori iyabode omo ladukede
           An actress/ film maker/C.E.O fespris limited / brand ambassador

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