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Photo of the Remarkables mountain range in Queenstown, New Zealand.


With the advent of the internet, came flawless online communications and associations through social media and other portals. The world has indeed become a global village. It sounded impossible when that idea was floated around years ago while growing up in Nigeria, but it is happening and has brought so many positives with it.

The days when getting immediate and first hand information from across the world took days, weeks, months or even years are a thing of the past. Technology has brought the world so close, everyone lives in the moment. No longer do different parts of the world get fashion news and trends two or three years late. We can now watch it live online as it happens, or via TV channels.

Through this same miracle medium named "social media" I stumbled on a beautiful woman with an amazing fashion collection. Her style ideas had my fashion antennae spinning, I had to tune in. I wanted to know what inspires her uniquely classy dress sense. Her style, the colours and even her smile draws you in. I was curious to find out more, and was lucky she accepted my interview request.

Carin Toonen lives with her family in Amsterdam. In a brief online interview I enquired about what inspires her fashion and style. She stated that being a lover of fashion and all its elegance, it was only four years ago did she decide to share her outfit ideas online as people always complimented her and often wanted to know where she got her clothes from.

It was quite complimentary when she said, like me, she is an avid believer in pocket friendly fashion. I instantly felt she is a kindred spirit even though our approaches and styles may be different. Looking good does not have to cost an arm and a leg, however, if you have confidence in bundles, anything would look elegant and expensive on you if you know how to put things together.

Carin Toonen loves very colourful and feminine clothes with a touch of retro feel, a style she carries perfectly making her look quite classy and timeless. She could fit into any fashion era elegantly like she has always been there. 

Her outfits reminds me of the age of elegance with lots of colour thrown in. An age where movie stars and royalty carried themselves like goddesses, always perfectly turned out, not a flaw in sight. Such is the effect her outfits gave me.

Staying true to her love for very feminine looks, Carin indicated that she almost never wears pants, she does not wear denim trousers at all, but wears strictly skirts and dresses. A woman with such set style discipline should be admired. Not everyone can adhere to such rules, however, this is what sets her apart and rightly so too.

Having an online presence is a full time job, as you will constantly have to create fresh content for your audience and followers. However, she stated that even though she has been able in the last four years to build a small business for her blog, it is not enough to live on. So coupled with that, she is a part-time paralegal for a Television broadcasting company. She divides her time between her family and the fashion and hopes to go into sharing her passion full time in the near future.

To see more of Carin Toonen's style, follow her on her Instagram handle #catoinamsterdam.

 Paying homage to her style, I found similar pieces in my wardrobe of two ensembles of hers which I hastily put together as my own take of the said styles.😊

As usual we encourage you to have a go at any outfit featured and share your photos with us and you might just be shined.

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  1. Thank you so much for this wonderful feature! I am very honoured xx

  2. Beautiful outfit.
    You welcome dear

  3. Beautiful outfit.
    You welcome dear