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5 Hairstyles That Will Make Guys Fall For You


It’s difficult to generalize because we realize that, like men, everyone has their own kind, but when it comes to the hair of a woman, men seem to notice it more than we think. There’s something so seductive and enigmatic about the hair of a woman that makes men pay a little attention to the rest. Just a simple hairstyle, hair color or hair length, we’re telling you, could totally distract a man and sweep him off his feet. Much the way in which we pay attention to the men’s hair, they also pay attention to ours. No doubt guys are drawn to the personality of a woman, but hair plays a major role in determining their interest in the appearance of a lady. Below are 5 sexy hairstyles that will cause men to fall for you;



This is the closest hair any woman can wear to a natural hairdo.

Cornrows makes one look younger, allows air in and gives the hair ample time to grow. Men love this hairstyle because it brings out the true beauty of a woman due to its natural nature. It is cost effective, it doesn’t require one spending a fortune to have this lovely hairstyle done. It is the most beautiful hairstyle men love and we can’t agree less.



With a high pony tail, you can melt the heart of any guy, it’s so chic and usually the faster hair to make. This sporty and laid back hairstyle should be your go-to on your next date. Every man is mesmerized by the sight of it.



Not a messy Bob, of course. Most men are not amused by Messy Bob. Actually it’s the A-line Bob that does it! Men fancy this hairstyle, because it makes a woman look trendy, sophisticated, bold and confident.



Every guy will tell you that curly-haired women look beautiful and special. Most women with curly hair give off a sexy aura, and find it easier to attract attention from a guy. Original curls are, after all, gentle and enticing to touch.



Long hair is considered by men as the sexiest. It activates a primitive and instinctive reaction in men. It is in itself an art form. Have you ever seen a well-preserved long mane flowy-wavy hair billowing in summer breeze? Men are physically hardwired to note this beautiful visual cues this hairstyle brings.


- Ogundeji Oluwatobiloba

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