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Basic Tips Ladies Should Know About Skincare - Eni Lise Balogun, The CEO Lise Beauty Range Cosmetics


In this Instagram Live Chat with City People Publisher SEYE KEHINDE offers Skincare Tips below


Can you give us some basic tips on Skincare?

There  are so many tips about Skin care. You have to start taking care of your skin from a very young age. You can’t get to 40 and start worrying about wrinkles. Some people go to bed with make up on. That’s not right and some say that they use wipes. No, wipes don’t take away the dirt in your pores. Wipes always takes away what’s on the surface.

But a face wash takes off the dirt in your pores so you have to wash your face two or three times.


There are some Make up you should not even think of sleeping in it. Face mite are in your face and you can’t actually see them. When you have dirt in your pores you break out.  As women, our Hormones make us age faster. So if you are in your 20s you have to start using face moisturising creams.


You have to start using supplements because they are important. Vitamin c is very important because it’s good for your immune system and it makes you glow. But the thing is that people want fast things. So be careful of what you put on your skin because it can damage it. It can take you three years to repair your skin after using something that spoils your skin in a week. 

Research about the product and the person selling the product to you. Women need to start taking care of their skin at a very young age. You can’t be doing that when you are 35/40. A lot of people believe I’m in my 30s. No I’m in my 40s and I’m look really good. I eat what I’m to eat, I exercise, I drink a lot of water and I mind my business. You should mind what you put on your body. 


What advice will you give to those out there that want quick fast action stuff?

What I’d say is ask them what they want to be like. I tell people when they want to move from like Kate Henshaw to be brighter than me. There are lot of things in our kitchen that can do what you want like the Tumeric and Baking soda. But in a situation where you want to use Cream to be a shade or two lighter you can use Scrubs and it helps. We have products for whitening but it’s in stages. If want to glow and be natural, you have products you can use. 


I believe people have the right to do whatever they want to do with their skin and I’m not saying that because I’m in the industry. I don’t have issues with Butt enlargement or any changes in the body so that they can be happy. I don’t have issues with men that want their wives to be lighter. My husband tells me when I’m going darker and lighter. I just believe people should do whatever makes them happy.

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