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California Based Society Woman,Alhaja Alaye Onicoffee Speaks On Life @ 60

Alhaja Alaye Onicoffee is in a happy mood right now. This is her birthday month. She is 60. And she looks good for her age. She has maintained her beautiful look all these years. She has also continued to look stylish and fashionable. She is very cosmopolitan and trendy in her worldview and lifestyle. With her, there is never a dull moment. She is always full of life. She has been aging gracefully.

Though everyone calls her Alhaja Alaye Onicoffee, which is like an alias, her real name is Alhaja Kaosarat Olanshile.She lives in California but comes home regularly. She is in tune with what goes on in Nigeria. She has her larger family here and she runs a thriving real estate business in Lagos.

She is well-loved by many people, because she is nice and jovial. And she likes to speak her mind. She can be blunt and frank to a fault. She does not know how to suffer fools gladly. With her, what you see, is what you get. She does not pretend.

As she turns 60, Citypeople spoke to her about the joy of being 60 and the lessons her new age has taught her. She recently spoke to Citypeople Publisher, Seyekehinde about her life.

Congratulations on your 60th birthday. How do you feel turning 60?

Turning 60 to me is a blessing, I live my life one day at a time, learning from God and men, circumstances and situations, the feeling is circumstantial, knowledge is power, i know God loves me to have kept me alive till now so I appreciate him, he is the one that keeps scores not man, my life is a book to be read, I have seen the good, the bad and the ugly but I give glory to God Almighty who had kept me from my self, because it is not everything we pray for that he gives us. 

I have friends who are no more and people you will never imagine would have left this world by now, but they are all gone like the wind, just like that.  I thank God for every day, as a fulfilled mother and a grandmother, and a mother to many people. Eniyan laso mi', 60 is Six decades, if not for God where will I be, so I give glory to the Almighty for my life.

How do you plan to mark it?
I am not having a party. It's going to be an Open House. There will be food and drinks with few friends and donations to charity. I will be giving back to society.

As you turn 60 what has changed about you? What has not changed?

Not much has changed. I still remain the same person I have always been, just that I take things more calm and easy these days, now, as compared to 20 years ago.l think Age and experience have mellowed me a bit.

How can we describe Alhaja Alaye Onicoffee?What sort of a person are you?

Am a very fun-loving, free hearted lady with principles, I don't joke with God and family, family is the only gift we did not choose from God. Like a magnet I always attract my kind, I am not loud at all but when at home or among my friends I am a different personality entirely, I don't pretend because it does not last, am original and authentic 2/4/7, no room for dulling or calling white, off white....no that's not me.

I love children, I love creativity and art, I hate lies with a passion. Am fearless, I go for it if I die I die, and am streetwise.

The principles I live by are simple, do to others what you love others do to you, leave what you can not change to God, he knows how to do his magic, am a giver, I believe in sharing, letting go and allowing God,  give your last penny and find out the world owes you and favor will just keep coming.
When the world around me is not free and not free. I respect elders and do not tolerate people who make our elders feel less, it hurts me.

Que5 I know you as a big businesswoman. Tell me a little about your business interests all over the world?
Olanshile Nigeria Limited is a company that has diversified into different industries like fashion, property sales, and car sales to mention a few. Our services are top-notch, we ensure that our clients are protected, encouraged, and enjoy the best deals.
The world is full of fakes but no matter how fake any product or services are the original is with Olanshile Nigeria Limited.

At 60 you have remained very beautiful what is the secret?
I eat healthy food and exercise regularly, and I listen to sound advises from professional who are seasoned beauticians, beauty is a mindset, it is relative, God had not created ugly, it is a mindset also.

Tell us about your Fashion secrets and how You have remained very stylish at 60

Fashion to me is what fits and what gives me comfort, the creator of life must love colors so I love the colour too, I don't eat junks, I don't lazy around, am a hard-working woman, I don't believe in getting a job, I believe in work and I enjoy a lot of favor because I go for the best to satisfy my Clint. I try as much as I can to enjoy my self, relax,  and let what I can't handle the deal with its self.

I live with a principle and it does affect my health too, I love people and want to see them better, it is more than a billion dollars to me, I don't cheat people, I can't stand it, I will prefer to be cheated if you are smart enough o,  but I believe even if a black man cheat me after working so hard, a white man will pay me by Gods grace, I love life, and I love style, nothing is too expensive to adore my beauty and nothing is too cheap to rock too as long as it fits and make me cool like that.

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  1. Happy Birthday Chairlady May u live to blow hundred a candle
    Our Chairlady And AfricanModel
    Blessed GrandMa to gbayi

  2. Wishing you a good happy birthday, longer lifetime and prosperity, the glory of the Almighty God, honor, adoration,abundantly blessings,grace, peace,joys, happiness, goodness and mercy of the Almighty God will never depart from you, together with all your household's amen

  3. Congratulations on your birthday ìgbà Ọdún Ọdún kan ni big sister mi kọ́ni bajẹ fún òjò yín má di alẹ pelu àṣẹ Ọlọ́run oba

    1. Aare gbogbo Washington DC, God Bless You Greatly.

  4. Aunty mi happy birthday ma wishing u all the best continue to age gracefully and remain safe

  5. Continue to glow in the Lord's glory. Long life and prosperity ma.