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Photo of the Remarkables mountain range in Queenstown, New Zealand.

Creating A Routine Beauty (Part 2 Cont'd)

You can then decide to set out 2 days in a week or maybe one.  For a routine that adds value to your overall being.
I do two days. I swim on Fridays which gives me a healthy weight , take stress off my body and overall well-being , after which I stay in steam room for 15 mins and this promotes better skin, a balanced me amongst other countless benefits.

On Sunday, It’s called my ME day. I do the basic daily routine only that now I do it painstakingly, I am in no rush at all, I take my time, and trust me, if you know me, you know that I came take my time. Never in a hurry at all, I feel every moment of Sunday beauty routine and then it builds up to my body scrub.

This is home made by me using household products, I even gave it a name, now it's going be available soon under my lifestyle products under Anu Signature . It's my anusignature, Luscious Coffee Scrub.  It's a base of very dark coffee, sugar, honey and my secret ingredient.

I damp and I apply it all over my body like am scrubbing it off, with my palms of course. Then I let's it sit for a few minutes, like 10mins and I wash it off with soap. It's an exhilarating experience, it's a rebirth I tell you, you and your body come alive suddenly, it feels clean and fresh, and new!

Then I use my home made glow oil, I use honey for literally everything , it's one of God's greatest gift to mankind  My glow oil is mixture of a few oils that rehydrate and moisturize the skin.

Then I go on to fix my hair, care for my nails and do pedicure and paint my nails. Some woman are unforgivable, how do wear your wig for months on end and you lack the decency to wash your actual hair.

It's simply basic, use a shampoo, a conditioner, and nice hair cream, how hard it that. Even the Wigs you wear, take care of it for Christ sake, wash it or steam it subtly and sundry it then oil.

If you have money to buy the wig then its maintenance shouldn't be a problem otherwise stop using it, period. Your hair is the direction into your soul, defines your dressing, a badly done hair makes you look tacky and unkempt.

 Make an effort, let's do the needful shall we or cut it off. This applies to men as well , cut your hair , friction it, shave your Beard's or at least groom the one you have ,beard oil costs very little and if you can't afford it ,baby oil is just fine .

 If you made a resolve to keep the beards then you must also make a resolve to maintain it.
Please don't start what can maintain that's why simplicity does it all.

 Why did I go on to all this long gist /talk, Firstly, all of this is done at home with homemade products and so that way it's affordable and it consistent. That's important .But it's cost little under N2000 /5$ and18 cent, achieve and experience a total face and soul lift.

 It's not imperative you go this route but you can adopt one that is convenient for you. It might as little as using sugar and honey to scrub your body, and a little as using coconut oil as your glow oil. It doesn't have to be so serious.

But by all means have a routine, one that would impact you greatly, that would help you start to feel and look different, that changes everything about you and your essence. That helps you look at your and reevaluate you and start to place a premium on you. One that helps you to sit at the table with an aspiration to standout and make a difference. 

Don't forget it's a gradual process, Rome wasn't built in a day. Easy does it, after all it's a lifelong experience enjoy the journey. But remember this body is all you have, give it, its daily perquisite so it can take you places. Yours lovingly Anu Adewunmi Aloba for the get better series.... More on www.anusignature.com, peace out, edited by Mofe Aloba. Ciao

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