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Photo of the Remarkables mountain range in Queenstown, New Zealand.

HRH Erelu Tinuade Onaneye & Her Love For White

Erelu Tinuade Onaneye loves to wear White.It is because of her traditional role as an Erelu. City People recently asked her why she is always glamorously attired in white and she explained it.

" Yes, I wear white clothes most times because it's symbolic and spiritual,"she explains."There's a uniform for every office. I'm a pillar of a proud heritage and custodian of highly revered culture. Pope wears his sacred religious regalia, same for other priests. So being the Erelu Oodua, a title which is considered sacred and spiritual must have it's peculiarities. So, putting on white clothes goes with the call. Again, white symbolizes peace and considering my title which revolves round ensuring my people live in peace and harmony without fear or prejudice. 

White also symbolizes purity and liberty. A holder of my kind of title must be pure in heart and transparent in his or her dealings so as not to bring reproach and shame to the royal traditional institutions that deemed him or her fit for the revered stool. Yeah, it's possible to come across my pictures online where I wore multi colored. Those are undoubtedly old pictures of mine which I may have taken before ascending this sacred stool.
For records, I wear white always and it's simply part of me."

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